Under the Polish tax system, most taxes are payable on a monthly basis.

To comply with this requirement, tax liabilities must be systematically calculated and various tax forms and returns with different filing deadlines must be prepared for the tax authorities. KPMG provides support in preparation of tax returns and in liaising with tax authorities, including assistance during tax inspections.

Our services:

  • Registering a business as a taxable person
  • Ongoing updates of identification declarations (NIP, VAT-R)
  • Calculating monthly advance payments and preparing annual corporate income tax returns
  • Preparing VAT returns
  • Preparing the Single Control File (JPK, standard audit file for tax), the structure of the VAT Purchase and Sales Register
  • Preparing information for Intrastat
  • Calculating other tax liabilities and preparing tax returns required by law, e.g. withholding tax, tax on civil-law transactions, and property tax
  • Liaising with tax authorities, including day-to-day correspondence and support during tax investigations and tax inspections.

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