— Assessment of VAT settlement efficiency in terms of potential savings resulting from the latest rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union, with particular regard to the application of bad debt relief in transactions with entities in bankruptcy or liquidation and non-VAT payers (e.g. natural persons) as well as VAT neutrality in intra-Community acquisitions and import of services.

— Review of the VAT settlement system against the possible cash flow economies.

As part of the review, our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s VAT settlements against the possibility of implementation of solutions boosting financial liquidity of your company.

W ramach przeglądu, nasi eksperci kompleksowo analizują rozliczenia podatku VAT dokonywane przez Państwa przedsiębiorstwo pod kątem możliwości wdrożenia Under VAT regulations, this may be obtained, inter alia, through recognizing the optimum point for settling input VAT, recovering VAT due on disregarded correcting invoices, accelerating and effectively managing VAT reimbursements etc. Depending on the type activity conducted, your organization may also enjoy simplifications related to specific transactions, e.g. import of goods.

In the case of companies struggling with payment backlogs, application of bad debt relief should be considered. Our team of experts will help you identify invoices that may be covered by the relief (given the latest court rulings, including the one pertaining to invoices issued for individuals and companies in bankruptcy or liquidation), it will make sure that there are no circumstances that would preclude your right to apply the relief, and will help you properly claim it through the VAT return and in the SAF-T file.

— Review of processes related to invoice settlement and circulation.

We provide our clients with a service consisting in carrying out a review of database and bookkeeping systems to identify areas for automation and enhancement of tax settlement processes.

Moreover, the proposed review encompasses an analysis of how the organization’s transaction documenting and settlement procedures could be improved for VAT purposes. One of the solutions for quick and efficient document processing may be implementation of electronic invoicing or self-billing systems. KPMG is ready to help your company meet all the conditions resulting from tax regulations (including tech-related requirements), as well as support you in drafting internal procedures.

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