In order to ensure that VAT settlements are properly managed, one must stay at pace with the ever-evolving domestic and EU regulatory framework, and closely follow operations of tax authorities, with special regard to rulings issued by Polish courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

In fact, misinterpretation of economic events may have grave financial implications for companies and individuals responsible for tax settlements, especially given the penalties and sanctions for improper determination of the taxpayer’s liabilities and that VAT is calculated on turnover and not the company’s profit.

KPMG in Poland has built a team of experts offering extensive experience in providing VAT advisory to domestic and international clients. The experience and knowledge gained over the years ensure a consistent, integrated and, above all, cautious approach to our clients’ VAT affairs.

The broad range of VAT advisory services can be tailored to suit your current needs and to harness the synergies of tax and business solutions.

As a result, our tax advisory will not only guide you through the muddy waters of regulatory compliance but help you adopt the best tax solutions fashioned to your expectations and the existing business models.

KPMG in Poland may help you ensure compliance with the regulatory framework and find the most suitable solutions therein.

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