When entering into transactions, businesses face a number of doubts related to tax legislation. KPMG in Poland has a group of specialists with many years of experience in VAT advisory for Polish and international companies. The expertise of our specialists ensures a coherent, integrated and, above all, secure approach to VAT settlements.

To manage their VAT properly, companies must track the implementation of amendments in national and EU legislation, and monitor the activity of tax authorities, the Polish courts, and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Penalties and fines for miscalculation of tax liabilities and the fact that VAT is calculated on turnover rather than profit means that misinterpretation of economic events can be very costly for the enterprise and for individuals responsible for tax settlements.

The range of our VAT advisory services is always adapted to our client’s current needs, ensuring full synergy of tax and business solutions.

As a result, our tax advisory services enable our clients not only to comply with the law, but also to select the most favourable tax solutions, tailored to their expectations and business model.

KPMG in Poland helps clients not only to comply with legal regulations, but also to choose the most beneficial solutions within the existing legal framework.

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