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KPMG is one of the leading deal advisory firms in the world. Our deal advisory teams in 63 countries employ approximately 3,500 advisors whose services support equity transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and IPOs.

In Poland, KPMG’s Deal Advisory Practice employs experts with many years of experience in a broad range of deal-related services. We apply a comprehensive approach to deal advisory: from the investor’s initial search for a potential acquisition target, or the owner’s preliminary consideration of disposal of a business, through preparation of the deal documentation, including the share sale and purchase agreement, support with deal closing, and integration of acquired companies.

Our team assists clients in understanding country-specific financial, market, operational and tax considerations so they can be taken into account in decision-making. Our services are primarily focused on creating added value for clients engaging in equity transactions by facilitating informed management of risks associated with the contemplated transaction, as well as increasing the likelihood of achieving the deal objectives.

KPMG’s Deal Advisory Practice provides advisory services at all stages of transactions to sectoral and financial investors. We provide services to both buyers and sellers.

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