Transport, shipping and logistics sector (TSL)

Transport, shipping and logistics sector (TSL)

We cooperate with a wide range of clients operating in the field of TSL to which it offers tax advisory services with industry-specific background

We offer tax advisory services with industry-specific background

As part of industrial focus, a team of professional tax advisors at KPMG in Poland supports clients from the transport, shipping and logistics sector (TSL).

Our clients include international and Polish companies engaged in rail, road, air and waterways modes of transport as well as logistics operators along with courier and postal companies. Thanks to cooperation with such a wide range of various clients in transport, shipping and logistics (TSL) industry, we can offer a broader view of industry-specific tax issues, while considering the complexities of business circumstances.

In our everyday tax advisory, we utilize the knowledge, experience and expertise of our partners, who specialize in the field of transport, shipping and logistics, and work in other departments of KPMG in Poland responsible for risk and performance management, legal and financial consulting as well as selected experts from foreign KPMG network offices around the world.

Building such connections between different aspects of business advisory enables us to create dedicated interdisciplinary teams with a wider perspective of business processes. Considering the large pool of specialists available, we can identify ourselves as partners for the TSL companies in their current business activities as well as in the case of less common business events with respect to, inter alia, significant business transactions and investments, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations and restructuring of companies.

Based on our industry experience, we may provide tax advisory services to the companies from TSL sector focusing on the most important tax issues including, for instance, VAT settlements being one of the most challenging for TSL sector as well as other types of taxation with regards to issues relating to, among other things, selection of tax-effective forms of financing of business activities, shaping the lease contracts or fiscal aspects of settlements with employees.


How can we help?

It is our pleasure to offer you, as representatives of the TSL industry, a wide range of tax advisory services – including but not limited to the following services being the most characteristic for this industry:

  • Industry-specific (TSL) tax advisory relating to VAT settlements
  • Tax-planning with respect to lease contracts and fixed assets
  • Specific issues related to CIT and transfer-pricing settlements
  • Settlements regarding personal income tax (PIT) of employees.

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