Innovation, Grants & Incentives

Innovation, Grants & Incentives

Grants and incentives – an opportunity to support the activities of enterprises and improve their competitiveness.

An opportunity to support the activities of enterprises and improve their competitiveness.

There are a variety of grants and incentives available to help the companies to grow its business. Developing the state aid utilization strategy, proper drafting of proposals for financial support, fulfilling several formal requirements and experience in conducting negotiations with public institutions is decisive for effective utilization of state aid.

Operation on a competitive market requires from companies continued investments in innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. The new EU perspective for the years 2014-2020 offers new opportunities for Poland thanks to a record sum of EUR 82.5 billion allocated for the cohesion policy. A significant part of this amount will be directed to businesses under various support programmes. Aid in repayable and non-repayable form is also granted from national sources, e.g. R&D tax credit.

Development strategy requires to take into account a number of factors, e.g. source of funding, intellectual property rights, implementation strategy, trends and market demand.

KPMG in Poland has Grants & Incentives Team dedicated to providing services for entities interested in obtaining state aid for the implementation of their activities. A comprehensive approach of KPMG to the activities carried out by the Client, high standards of provided services, professional experience, knowledge and experience of the Grants & Incentives Team allow our customers take advantage of the development opportunities and respond to the risks associated with doing business.


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