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Faced with ongoing economic changes and constantly evolving regulatory environment, organizations are recognizing the need to transform their risk management and internal control functions in order to adequately and timely identify and respond to challenges and risks. These emerging risks challenge traditional strategies and assumptions, which is why organisations need to ensure an effective governance structure.

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We support our clients in establishing, evaluating and improving their internal functions, such as internal audit, internal control, enterprise risk management and compliance, effectiveness of which is essential to ensure proper corporate governance and oversight of the organization. We offer co-sourcing and outsourcing services to support these functions in performing their tasks, in particular in the areas requiring specialist knowledge.

We review management, operational and supporting processes. We analyze their structure, the appropriateness and completeness of internal regulations, as well as the existence and effectiveness of entity and process level control mechanisms. We support our clients in developing and improving their internal policies and procedures. We use recognized internal audit standards and internal control frameworks, recommended market practices as well as risk management models tested in practice.

How can we help?

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Governance, Risk & Compliance Services team (GRCS) combines extensive business experience and professional qualifications confirmed by audit certificates. We specialize in internal audit, risk management, internal control and compliance. We have successfully supported Polish and international enterprises in improving their corporate governance structures, as well as their alignment with the best practices or group guidelines.

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