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Property tax is not merely a fiscal burden, but also a considerable challenge faced by businesses in their day-to-day operations. Given the apparent simplicity of the regulations and erroneous interpretations, more than half of businesses significantly overpay property tax. Property tax applies to all businesses using land, buildings or structures in their operations.

We offer comprehensive tax advisory services in combination with legal, accounting and construction advisory. With this approach, we can ensure full support and security for our clients’ projects.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive support in property tax settlements, including support for tax qualification and construction qualification of facilities (land, buildings, structures, technical/construction equipment)
  • Efficient accounting and tax settlements of new projects, identifying new facilities subject to tax depreciation and property tax
  • Creating and verifying records, procedures and instructions for managing fixed assets
  • Property valuations, stock-taking, measurements of floor space and construction expert opinions for tax purposes
  • Developing strategies and solutions for management of corporate assets
  • Conducting tax and legal proceedings related to local taxes
  • Conducting fiscal criminal proceedings relating to local taxes
  • Conducting proceedings concerning perpetual usufruct fees
  • Training on property tax, accounting of investments with a view to taxation (property tax and CIT), accounting and legal issues
  • Automation of property tax filings.



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