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Knowledge and correct application of legal regulations is a key element for conducting international trade in goods in an efficient, effective and secure manner.

KPMG’s Indirect Tax team consists of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Polish and EU customs regulations.

Moreover, we work with a network of over 400 customs and international trade specialists from 80 countries worldwide.

As a result, we can provide comprehensive support to our clients regarding the legal aspects of international trade.

KPMG’s services in customs and international trade include:

  • Day-to-day advice on the correct application of customs legislation
  • Customs and tax reviews
  • Representing clients in disputes with customs authorities
  • Comprehensive support in obtaining AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) authorisation
  • Advice on new trade rules with the United Kingdom
  • Assistance in obtaining customs authorisations, also for the use of special and simplified procedures
  • Registration of operators for customs purposes (EORI, REX)
  • Tariff classification of goods and applying for binding tariff information (BTI)
  • Determining the origin of goods and requesting binding origin information (BOI)
  • Analysing the correctness of methods used to calculate the customs value of goods
  • Verifying transactions for compliance with export control regulations and implementation of solutions to mitigate the related risks
  • Support in establishment of preferential tariff quotas and tariff suspensions
  • Training courses and seminars on legal aspects of international trade
  • Ongoing monitoring of customs regulations
  • Written opinions on all issues related to customs and export control.

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