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Management Boards often face strategic decisions – such as acquisitions, resolving a shareholder dispute or seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value.

They may as well be under pressure by shareholders, regulators, tax authorities or auditors expecting them to prepare analyses of strategic options or to implement value-based solutions. At such significant moments, it is highly recommended to seek the support offered by an experienced business valuations team, which can demonstrate both sound theoretical background and years of experience.

KPMG’s Valuations Team comprises over 1200 professionals in KPMG’s member firms across more than 50 countries around the globe. Our network has comprehensive experience in a wide range of major industries and familiarity with local regulatory and M&A marketplaces.

KPMG has both the technical skills and practical deal experience to provide objective and independent valuation-related advice. We are independent both from financing parties (banks, financial institutions, etc.) and from valuation targets. Our approach is to focus management’s attention on many of the key transactional or strategic issues that have impact on shareholder value.

We provide a wide range of valuation services, including:


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