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The use of data in decision-making processes is foundational. Decisions are more accurate and effective the faster decision-makers receive access to information, i.e. at the time a business event occurs (or even better, before it happens)—not a couple of weeks after the closing of the month, consolidation of the data, and reconciliation of the results by the control function. Business intelligence systems are solutions addressing these challenges, and cloud computing can end problems with access to tech resources. Thanks to cloud services, businesses can take advantage of scaled services on a usage-based payment model not requiring high investment in physical IT infrastructure.

Business intelligence tools within the company

Implementation of business intelligence tools and reporting in the organization may be associated with a typically technological task, a project for the IT division. But experience shows that it is mainly the business side that is responsible for the success of this undertaking, and the attractive visualization of indicators is just the cherry on top. At KPMG we maximize the client’s experience by offering an innovative approach to cooperation, combining tech and business competencies.

Depending on the maturity of the organization, our Data Intelligence Solutions (DIS) team will help develop a business intelligence strategy, define the key performance indicators, assist in selection of the most appropriate technology, and create a data warehouse or “single source of truth,” to ultimately map the business logic in the form of accessible and visually appealing reports or management cockpits.

We have experience creating business intelligence solutions in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, logistics, purchasing, HR, and many others, for the needs of senior management and for operational specialists.

We create applications based on Microsoft Power Platform

The key technologies we use are Microsoft solutions, in particular Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate) and the Azure environment. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and the team includes business and tech architects, systems integrators, programmers, testers, and UX designers, whose market-leading experience has been recognized and awarded many times over.

The team’s competencies, backed by developed methodologies, ensure accomplishment of complex projects for even the most demanding clients. Our knowledge is documented by numerous certifications.

Check how we can help you make better use of business intelligence systems in your company

Learn about our selected advisory services related to business intelligence solutions:

  • Development of an information management strategy
  • Review of reporting processes in the organization in terms of monitoring indicators, data sources, and responsibility
  • Support in setting KPIs for business processes
  • Developing conceptions for strategic, executive, tactical and operating reports
  • Support in eliminating repetitive manual tasks in analytical and reporting processes, identifying inefficiencies and standardizing reporting processes
  • Inventorying data in transactional systems for the purpose of creating business intelligence tools
  • Support in ensuring the high quality of data
  • Design and optimization of IT architecture (in terms of functionality and cost)
  • Implementation of ETL (extract, transform, load) processes (integration of data from various sources) and validation of data in database structures
  • Implementation of the culture and rules for work on IT projects—Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Creation of a corporate data model (data engineering and architecture)
  • Creation of business intelligence reports based on the Microsoft Power BI technology
  • Implementation of low-code applications, eliminating manual processes, based on the Microsoft Power Apps technology.

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