Review of strategic options

Review of strategic options

KPMG supports clients in review of strategic options, focusing on maximization of shareholders’ value.

KPMG supports clients in processes concerning the review of strategic options.

A successful management in the long term requires strategic planning. Continuous changes are required to adapt to the changing business environment – both in micro and macro scale. Depending on the nature of changes and their scope, effects may appear in the short, medium or long term. Due to significant costs related with such important decisions, companies usually plan them well in advance, often preceding them by a detailed review of available strategic options.

The purpose of the strategic options review is to identify the current, available opportunities for implementing the company's long-term strategy in order to maximize its value.

The KPMG team conducts review of strategic options focused on shareholders’ value maximization in the context of planned acquisitions, establishing joint-ventures, new capital expenditure for the organic growth or disposal decisions. Such analyses are often supplemented by valuations, financial models or fairness opinions, especially in the context of a public takeover bid.

As part of the strategic options review, together with the client, we analyse the development opportunities of a company and possibilities to enhance its competitiveness, in particular concerning operational, financial or investment activities..

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