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Access to high-quality data is the foundation for effective exploitation of modern technologies, particularly to support advanced data analytics. Accurate, complete and current data support decision-making processes and are fundamental to digital transformation and innovation.

Ensure the top quality of your data

We understand the great importance of possession of structured data, knowledge of their significance, proper classification and cardinality, and having a clear picture of who can access the data and for what purpose, who is the owner of the data and who is responsible for their quality.

We assist clients in developing and implementing best practices in data governance and data quality management. We offer knowledge and experience enabling the creation of an effective system for gathering, storing and using data in a manner that is safe, efficient and understandable for both business users and IT personnel. Our approach, grounded in globally developed methodologies and work-tested designs, allows clients to establish a holistic, fully integrated system of data governance and data quality management in key areas for the company.

Data governance pillars

Data architecture
Data architecture

Modelling data and developing consistent definitions of data in both business and technical language, to ensure a common understanding of the nature of the data and reduce the risk of improper use of data.

Data quality
Data quality

Continuous manaement, monitoring, analysis and remedial measures with the aim of delivering information supporting business decision-making and minimizing the operational risk arising from the use of inaccurate or outdated information.

Data security
Data security

Data security policies, identification of sensitive data, and implementation of control mechanisms to ensure the safety of data sets and compliance with legal requirements.

Managing the data and information life cycle

Guidelines and processes covering principles for using data from the moment it arises in the organization until final archiving or deletion, meeting information storage requirements in compliance with internal and external regulations

Introduction of the right solutions in these areas maximizes the benefits from the use of data—from dispersed external sources and sources within the organization, deriving from various business teams and supported by IT.

Whenever we implement data governance practices, our operating method is tailored to the organization. Projects are executed with particular attention to the nature of the industry, the size of the company, the ambitions for changes, and the level of technological advancement. We develop bespoke solutions thanks to our understanding of business needs and identification of the data issues arising within the organization.

See how we can support your company in managing data

Learn more about our selected advisory services in the area of data quality management and implementation of data governance processes:

  • Data governance review and audit
  • Creation of data governance and data quality management policies and procedures
  • Tests of data quality
  • Implementation of tools supporting data management and data quality processes
  • Assistance in developing business definitions of specific data sets
  • Implementation of data responsibility model (data owner, data creator, data steward, data architect)
  • Definition of data classification policies
  • Implementation of tools for cataloguing data within the organization
  • Implementation of confidentiality labelling enabling protection of confidential content against unauthorized data access and leaks
  • Technical support in issuing access to data in management reports/cockpits.

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