Today's global supply chains are complex, fragmented, non-transparent and inflexible. By embracing less mature and unregulated markets, they are exposed to slavery and unsafe working conditions, environmental contamination and many other threats.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of traditional supply models. Increasingly, customers and other stakeholders are demanding more environmentally and socially responsible supply chains.

Aware companies are already implementing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles in order to achieve an ethically and environmentally resilient supply chain. This increases operational efficiency, promotes collaboration with external entities, and has a positive impact on our planet and people.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive solution to help you identify key ethical and ESG threats. We help increase resilience and sustainability throughout the supply chain and implement a management framework to remedy ESG violations.

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How we help you build a sustainable supply chain

Understanding the supply chain

Our team help you improve the sustainability of your operations. We provide cutting-edge thinking on sustainable supply chain management. And we underpin that with leading digital solutions and tools.

Our solutions include:

  • Risk Assessment: Conduct a supply chain risk assessment to identify key weaknesses from the supplier's footprint.
  • Real-time tracking: real-time tracking and traceability of suppliers and goods movements.
  • Review, risk-ranking and monitoring: Conducting a professional, comprehensive supplier audit (ESG due diligence) to evaluate and prioritize based on the ESG profile, as well as monitoring for ESG violations.
  • Compliance: Implement a management framework that supports ethical practices across the supply chain and adherence to specific ESG legislation, such as the EU Directive of 2021 on Conflict Minerals.

Supply chain transformation

We support companies in making a significant change in creating an ethical and sustainable supply chain by:

  • Optimizing your supply chain to build a smooth, multi-modal and digitally operated value network that strengthens your company's ethical and environmental footprint.
  • Proactive management to avoid disruptions in the supply chain by influencing stakeholders such as suppliers and customers and improving their ethical and sustainable footprint.

Repair and Incident management

We help to react and introduce procedures in the company that can react to violations of ESG issues by:

  • Conducting an investigation - investigating ESG incidents that have occurred in the supply chain, preparing a recovery plan, and managing financial and reputational damage.
  • Incident response management - creating a solid internal management framework to efficiently respond to supply chain ESG problems.

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