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Given the challenges on the labour market, the necessity to maintain business continuity, and the need to build competitive advantages, companies increasingly decide to introduce tech solutions to automate and digitize manual activities. Improved job satisfaction, reduced costs of executing processes, and elimination of human errors—these are the main benefits generated by the solutions we implement.

KPMG’s dedicated Intelligent Automation & Rapid Solutions (IARS) team delivers a complete set of advisory and implementation services supporting clients in automation and digitization of manual tasks. Our consultants have the analytic and technical competencies to unleash synergies in the execution of projects by one team, which will support the client in all tasks such as building an automation strategy, designing business and technical solutions, and executing and implementing them.

Our services and processes can be divided into four categories:

1 Strategic: assessing the potential for automation, identifying processes for automation, drawing up a roadmap

2 Implementation: designing the desired process flow, creating IT solutions—RPA bots, low-code applications, workflow applications, testing, launch and post-implementation maintenance

3 Quality assurance: review of existing solutions, verification of quality in technical and business terms, consultations on architecture and technical aspects of solutions

4 Organizational: designing, building and launching the skills centre for business process automation operating on the client side.

Most of the solutions we deliver are designed for the specific client. This means that the clients decide on the scope and method of execution of the process which we will then automate and digitize. Additionally, RPA-class solutions (robotics) do not require changes to the existing systems and files.

Our tech solutions include:

RPA bots
RPA bots

operating on leading platforms for business process robotics and an extensive robotics ecosystem enabling monitoring of the effectiveness of process robotics (KPIs).

Workflow and low-code applications
Workflow and low-code applications

including approval circulation and document circulation, devoted to the specific client, capable of smooth adaptation.

Application supporting tagging
Application supporting tagging

and preparation of financial reports in the iXBRL format, compliant with the ESEF Regulation.

We are an adviser and integrator who strives to select the optimal solution for the established business goal, and then the scope of projects executed by KPMG will meet the specific needs of our clients every time. Our portfolio includes implementations targeted to specific points as well as broad-based robotics covering the whole range of our services.

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