Technological advances, expanding databases, and the increasing importance of financial reporting are driving the transformation. In response, KPMG launched a new global audit platform - KPMG Clara.

KPMG Clara

From an audit perspective, our KPMG Clara smart and intuitive audit platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, is one of the leading technological innovations in the industry. As a fully integrated, scalable, cloud-based platform, it enables the enhanced audit methodology through a data-enabled workflow. The platform integrates new and emerging technologies, with advanced capabilities that leverage data science, audit automation, and data visualization. KPMG Clara for clients gives a 24/7 window into the status of an audit, all in one place. The net result is greater interaction that consists of more targeted and meaningful conversations about specific findings, risks and insights. The KPMG audit benefits from our alliances with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, working to ensure our technology and capabilities are second to none. It’s all part of the transformation of audit to harness the power of leading technology to provide higher quality results.

Greater transparency, with 24/7 access to your audit status
Value from our transformative capabilities
Globally consistent execution
Real-time collaboration and interaction with your engagement team
Insights-driven and efficient operations
More meaningful engagement with your audit team

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