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We are a multidisciplinary team of real estate advisors with many years of experience gained on Polish and international markets, with RICS qualifications, ESG certification in real estate, Polish valuer and real estate brokerage licenses. We specialise in strategic and operational advisory for the property sector, including investment transactions, asset/portfolio restructuring, sale & leaseback, equity injections, real estate valuation and financing, as well as ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) related consulting to the extent required by clients from this sector.

The Polish real estate market is still relatively young and subject to fluctuations. Trends that will shape this market in the coming years, such as ESG, the growing importance of high technologies, including artificial intelligence, and the gradual transfer of transactions and business activities to the virtual world can be opportunities, but they can also turn out to be threats to market participants. In view of such high volatility, services for the real estate sector should be tailored to the specific client requirements and specific situations of business environment.

Our real estate capability incorporates several service lines for market participants at various stages of real estate development and operations, namely:

Real Estate/ESG Advisory

In the dynamically changing real estate market and in the face of new ESG legislation in the European Union, we focus on assets’ value creation in the full life cycle and their adaptation to reach climate neutrality requirements, including decarbonisation strategies, buildings’ energy efficiency as part of the renovation wave, adopting the circular economy principles as well as impact assessment of ESG on asset values and real estate positioning in the investment and financial markets. The scope of our services includes in particular:
  •  Review of real estate portfolios relating to ESG in the context of decarbonisation and transformation towards the circular economy,
  • Preparation of real estate portfolio strategies in the context of ESG requirements.
  • Repositioning and restructuring real estate incorporating change of use, extensions, redevelopment, including decarbonisation requirements and transition towards the circular economy.
  •  Assessment of green financial products suitability for real estate projects.
  • Adoption of green leases in commercial property in the context of ESG requirements.

Transactions Advisory

Incorporates initiating and advising on real estate investment transactions including single assets or portfolios, representing the seller ("sell-side") or the buyer ("buy-side"), as well as search and selection/acquisition of property and advisory in the investment process for near-shoring purposes in the logistics and industrial sectors.  An important element of transactions advisory is arranging financing or re-financing, including green financial instruments. The scope of our services include

  • Real estate asset/portfolio transactions advisory,
  • Acquisition of real estate as part of the near-shoring process,
  • Initiating off-market transactions,
  • Sale & Leaseback, equity injection transactions and land to buy,
  • Non-performing assets or loans transactions, asset restructuring,
  • Debt and bridging property financing or refinancing,
  • Due diligence for investment transactions’ purposes.


Real Estate Valuations

Our Valuation Team undertakes valuations for transactional purposes, financial statements,  loan security in accordance with the RICS (Red Book), TEGOVA (Blue Book) and Polish real estate valuation standards.  We carry out Highest and Best Use analyses, Due Diligence as part of real estate transaction process, taking into account ESG aspects, including the potential impact of ESG on property values.  Our valuation services include:

  • Market Value, Fair Value and Replacement Cost valuations,
  • Opinions of value,
  • Highest and Best Use analyses,
  • Feasibility analysis of new developments, refurbishments/modernisations, including decarbonisation  costs and the adoption of circular economy business models,
  • Commercial Due Diligence relating to properties’ covenants strength, cash flow stability and potential risks,
  • Impact assessment of ESG on real estate values.

Market Research

  • Market analyses of all real estate sectors in Poland,
  • Property data analyses for investment market participants,
  • Reviews of major investment markets in Europe,
  • Key real estate ESG aspects,
  • Catchment area analyses.

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