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Growth of the organization requires constant monitoring of customer relationships and personalized response to their needs. The customer relationship management (CRM) solution proposed by KPMG contains the functionalities of five modules of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service, and Field Service.

Dynamics 365 CE is one of the most modern platforms integrating all processes related to customer service, available both in the cloud and on-premises, integrated with the Microsoft Office 365 environment and other components of the Microsoft platform.

KPMG’s strength is not only its holistic view of the organization of sales and customer service, but also building a comprehensive solution including ERP, PowerPlatform and RPA solutions.

Benefits from implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for CRM

1 Effective sales processes

One solution for comprehensive management of sales—from defining the customer’s needs and winning the customer, to finalization of the order. It provides cross-sectional sales funnel reporting, document management, advanced and multifaceted data security mechanisms, simplification of sales-related processes and integration with domain systems.

2 Better customer service

Dynamics 365 CE enables multi-channel handling of service requests, integrated with customer service and e-commerce systems. Through accurate classification of inquiries, integration of communication channels and linking of inquiries with products, customers and documentation, the company gains 360° visibility of the customer service process, and you can make the right decisions quickly.

3 Automation and measurement of the effectiveness of marketing activities

Effective identification of target groups and creation of personalized marketing campaigns whose effectiveness can be monitored on an ongoing basis. Marketing campaigns are synchronized with sales processes, while the advanced market segmentation provided by Dynamics enables optimization of marketing activities and budgets.

4 Simple and friendly use of the program

Easy adjustment of the program to suit the needs of the user via an interface familiar from other Microsoft products. The built-in integration with MS Outlook and LinkedIn facilitates communications with customers and suppliers. The high level of standardization of the interface familiar from the Microsoft Office environment, and the platform’s compatibility with PowerPlatform (PowerBI, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Power Virtual Agents) allows for a maximum focus on functionalities and data, and quick and easy adaptation of new Dynamics users.

Within Microsoft’s CRM solutions, KPMG will implement five products selected to meet the client’s needs

  1. Dynamics 365 Sales:
    1. Faster decision-making using detailed sales analyses
    2. Access to digital sales tools and remote interaction with the customer
    3. Greater productivity thanks to support tools for sales and back-office processes
  2. Dynamics 365 Marketing:
    1. Implementation of personalized marketing campaigns
    2. More effective marketing efforts thanks to AI-based recommendations and predictive analytics
    3. Features meeting customer compliance and data protection requirements
  3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service:
    1. Personalization and automation of customer service
    2. Greater effectiveness of customer support through tailored AI and IoT technologies
    3. Proactive approach to problem-solving
  4. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation
    1. Simple planning, budgeting and billing of projects
    2. Automatic reporting and monitoring of time and costs
    3. Optimization of resources
  5. Dynamics 365 Field Service:
    1. Optimization of planning and control
    2. Proactive solving of customers’ problems using IoT
    3. Building customers’ trust and loyalty.

Our services regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  1. Pre-implementation analysis
    1. Defining the implementation strategy, planning, setting parameters
    2. Designing and mapping business processes
    3. Defining functional and technical requirements
  2. Support in selecting the system and supplier
    1. Support in negotiations with systems suppliers (licence and maintenance agreements)
    2. Support in negotiations with the firms implementing the systems
    3. Support in selection of offers in compliance with internal tender requirements
  3. Support in carrying out implementations
    1. Comprehensive execution of implementations of Business Applications systems
    2. Supervision over Project Management Office and quality of implementation of systems at every stage
    3. Substantive and managerial support in systems implementations
    4. Support in ensuring that the system complies with Polish regulations
  4. Post-implementation support
    1. Post-implementation support at level 2 and level 3
    2. Services of iterative functional development of the system
    3. Updates in accordance with legal regulations and the security context.

Supported service areas for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Business Applications System

Campaign Management, Customer Engagement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Service, Customer Data Platform and others

Function support

Support areas for marketing, sales and after-sales service, finance and accounting administration, warehouse, manufacturing, HR and others.

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