Accounting and financial reporting standards are complex and tend to change frequently, which means that amendments to legislation need to be monitored continually.

By hiring KPMG to keep your books of account and prepare financial reporting in line with the current statutory requirements, including support in reconstruction of your accounting records if required, you no longer need to worry about tracking legislative updates and can instead focus on running your business day by day.

Our services:

  • Running clients’ current books of account (including, if required, reconstruction of accounting records)
  • Drafting or updating accounting policies in consultation with the client
  • Preparing financial statements in accordance with Polish and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Preparing financial reporting for managerial needs, for consolidation purposes, etc
  • Support in identifying differences between Polish accounting standards and accounting standards used for intra-group reporting
  • Preparing financial statements based on the client’s accounting books, including conversion of the client’s accounting standards to Polish accounting standards
  • Preparing statutory reporting (Statistics Poland, National Bank of Poland)
  • Support during audits or other inspections
  • Ongoing accounting advisory services.

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