With rapidly changing legislation, payroll calculation becomes a complex process calling for experience and expertise. This is why many businesses are increasingly opting for outsourced payroll services.

By hiring KPMG to handle your payroll administration, you gain access to qualified specialists who provide updates on changes in labour law, social security and personal income tax that can be used to build your remuneration policies and adapt them to changing labour market conditions. You also get guaranteed payroll confidentiality, cost reduction, continuity of service, and timely and compliant payroll calculations.

As part of our services, we offer a dedicated platform for efficient communication between the client and the KPMG team, as well as ongoing access to the required documents, reports and information.

Whenever a client needs a substitution for their payroll department staff, KPMG offers the support of our experienced specialists who, in addition to replacing members of the client’s team and ensuring continuity of payroll administration, will help identify irregularities and suggest solutions in line with current law.

Our services:

  • Calculating and preparing payrolls for full-time employees, including variable components, fringe benefits, contributions to employee pension plans (PPK/PPE), absences and other events affecting monthly pay, as well as public levies
  • Calculating executives’ remuneration (management board and supervisory board members)
  • Accounting for civil-law contracts (e.g. contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work, managerial contracts)
  • Preparing and distributing pay slips
  • Distributing reports to employees based on social insurance and health insurance contributions
  • Preparing monthly ZUS (social insurance) and PFRON (disability rehabilitation fund) returns (including annual IWA accident insurance and annual PFRON returns)
  • Administering remitter data through the ZUS Platform of Electronic Services
  • Preparing payments or instructions for payment of salaries and public levies
  • Preparing annual information on income and total advances against personal income tax (PIT-11, PIT‑4R, IFT-1R)
  • Preparing income certificates and ERP-7 certificates
  • Calculating allowances and benefits from the company social benefit fund (ZFŚS)
  • Preparing reports for Statistics Poland
  • Registering the employer as a payer of ZUS contributions
  • Registering employees/contractors for social and health insurance purposes
  • Registering family members of employees/contractors for health insurance
  • Preparing reports for accounting and management purposes
  • Liaising with the client’s auditors and with social insurance and tax authorities, including support during tax, social insurance, and labour inspections
  • Ongoing support in responding to queries raised by clients’ employees regarding settlement of salaries and employment-related benefits
  • Providing a self-service platform for employees (Employee Dashboard)
  • Handling the Employee Capital Plans programme (PPK) through the online platform of the financial institution selected by the client.

These payroll administration services can also be provided within the client’s IT system.

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