Failure to properly remit VAT or incorrect settlement thereof may expose the company to additional costs and the risk of penal fiscal liability of individuals responsible for tax settlements (e.g. the Board, CFOs or Chief Accountants). To mitigate such risks, we help our clients get through the formalities of VAT settlements. Our ongoing support covers keeping our clients updated on the latest amendments to tax regulations and on how these changes are to affect their settlements.

Passing your VAT settlements to KPMG professionals can translate into important time and cost savings for your company. Outsourcing VAT services may also prove beneficiary in the case of staff shortages (both periodical and those stemming from restructuring or technological transitions).

Our VAT-related services rely on extensive knowledge gathered over many years in business and well-established methodology developed while supporting clients across various industries.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and proprietary IT solutions to accelerate the process of data collecting, processing and verification.

KPMG in Poland provides a wide array of solutions, from assisting in reporting tax data provided by the client, to a comprehensive takeover of the VAT settlement functions (full outsourcing).

We can also help your company establish an effective information and document flow and coordinate data extraction from accounting and sales systems, so that the information necessary to generate tax returns and SAF-T schemas is obtained in the most efficient way, and, consequently, correctly reported.

How we can help

Services offered by KPMG in Poland include:

  • determining if the company is covered by the requirement to register for statistical and taxation purposes

  • providing support throughout the registration and data update processes, along with assistance in the VAT de-registration procedure.

  • ongoing assistance in preparing returns / SAF-T files, recapitulative statements, Intrastat declarations, and other documents; supervision over tax registers,

  • intermediation in ongoing contacts with tax offices,

  • providing updates on amendments made to tax regulations,

  • support in the development of VAT-oriented procedures and instructions related to transactions, to meet the requirements on invoicing, VAT rates, determining tax point etc.

  • comprehensive takeover of VAT functions (full outsourcing),

  • temporary posting of KPMG employees to the client’s tax department (in order to fill in the temporary staff shortages),

  • providing training to employees of the company’s tax, commercial and logistic department, involved with collecting and providing data and documents used in VAT settlements,

  • support in the process of recovering VAT paid abroad (including assistance in preparing an application for VAT refund),

Additionally, we offer services dedicated to foreign taxpayers:

  • acting as a tax representative for taxpayers required to register in Poland for VAT purposes,

  • supporting foreign taxpayers in the process of recovering VAT paid in Poland (representing the client in contacts with tax authorities, assistance in preparing explanations and collecting documents at the request of tax authorities, support in the appeal procedure etc.).

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