Under the Polish Labour Code, the employer must maintain employees’ personnel files and documentation in matters related to the employment relationship, complying with the formats and retention periods defined in applicable law.

We provide administrative and HR services for companies located throughout Poland, in Polish and English, as part of short- and long-term projects, in the form of a comprehensive package or selected services.

Our services:

  • Preparing employment contracts, contracts of mandate and contracts for specific work in cooperation with the client and in compliance with the Labour Code and the Civil Code
  • Maintaining personnel files of full-time employees (as required by the Labour Code) and employment-related documentation
  • Monitoring the need to update preventive health check-ups and carry out health and safety training
  • Recording annual leave and other absences from work
  • Drafting changes to terms and conditions of employment
  • Preparing documents relating to termination of employment
  • Providing updates on changes in legislation relating to HR documentation requirements

As part of our services, we also offer audits of personnel and payroll processes, including a review of personnel files, employment-related documentation, and accuracy of payroll calculation.

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