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New technologies based on machine learning, predictive analytics and big data can greatly streamline decision-making processes within the organization. We help build data-driven organizations, where technology points to the directions where the organization should intensify its efforts, and sometimes can even take action without human involvement.

The role of AI in the company

The expectations placed on every organization are steadily growing. Customers’ demands are rising. The number of implementations of tech solutions and the value of the related investments are also increasing. What matters is the way firms apply innovations to business problems and how they face up to the challenges brought by the tech revolution.

The organizations that will succeed in the upcoming decade are those that make artificial intelligence an integral part of their operations. AI will be exploited to better know and serve clients, automate repetitive operations, develop strategies, and drive innovations. Leaders who take full advantage of this opportunity will perceive it as a strategic tool extending to the whole organization, delivering higher productivity.

Data-driven organization

One response to these challenges is to convert the enterprise into a data-driven organization, i.e. one where exploitation of data is perceived as a central and necessary element of every business decision. Data are used not only for post-hoc analysis, but thanks to advanced machine-learning models can help, for example, optimally schedule manufacturing shutdowns and renovations (predictive maintenance), minimize customer attrition, adjust the receivables management policy to market changes, or automate and optimize marketing campaigns by reaching potential customers at the exact moment when their need for a specific service arises.

Advanced data analytics also enable identification and exploitation of competitive advantages through the use of external data sources, and making an immediate analysis of business scenarios in response to unexpected market changes.

Data analytics and machine learning

To meet these needs, we support our clients in the process of transformation to a data-driven organization, assisting in implementing AI solutions and advanced data analytics. We have experience creating advanced analytics and machine-learning solutions across all industries and business areas.

Our teams composed of data analysts, data engineers, business analysts and architects will find the solution for even the biggest business and technical challenges. Our broad specialist knowledge in domains and industries allows us to make sense of data that could not be analysed in the past.

See how we can help better exploit data in your company

Learn more about our selected advisory services in data analytics, AI and machine learning:

  • Developing a strategy and roadmap for implementation of advanced analytics and AI
  • Identification of areas where the application of advanced data analytics will generate the greatest benefits
  • Developing statistical models and implementing them in the organization (using cloud services)
  • Developing the process for transformation of the enterprise into a data-driven organization
  • Assistance in selection of technologies
  • Through cooperation within the global network of KPMG firms, assistance in addressing every business challenge involving data.

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