05/26/2023: Czech Republic – Proposals Would Adjust Income Tax Bracket, Limit Deductions, Exemptions

05/23/2023: Hong Kong – Dual Employment Arrangements

05/17/2023: United States – Washington Excise Tax on Capital Gains Is Constitutional and Valid

05/17/2023: South Africa – Enhanced Process for Transferral of Funds from South Africa

05/12/2023: Australia – Highlights of Federal Budget 2023-24

05/12/2023: Uruguay – New Legislation Brings Changes to Personal Income Tax

05/10/2023: Brazil – Changes to Individual Taxation, Reporting of Foreign Income and Assets

05/09/2023: Australia – Time to Plan for Employee Share Scheme Reporting Is Now


04/25/2023: Argentina – Update on Parameter Regarding 2022 Informative Tax Return Filings

04/18/2023: Taiwan – Applicability of Tax Incentives for Employment Gold Card Holders

04/14/2023: Canada – Extensions for Time to File 2022 Underused Housing Tax (UHT) Returns

04/05/2023: United States – 2022 Rebates to NJ Taxpayers May Require Amended Return

04/04/2023: Chile – 2022 Annual Tax Return Filing Calendar


03/31/2023: Ireland – Revisions to Taxation of Company Cars Rules

03/29/2023: Malaysia - Tax Measures Affecting Individuals in Budget 2023 

03/28/2023: European Union – Seeks Minimum CGT, Wealth Tax, Curbs on Personal Tax Concessions

03/27/2023: South Korea - Update on Applying Flat Tax Rate for Foreign Workers

03/17/2023: Chile – Tax Reform Bill Rejected by House of Representatives

03/17/2023: Hong Kong – 2023-2024 Budget Measures

03/16/2023: South Africa - 2023/2024 Budget Proposals Delivered

03/16/2023: United Kingdom – Spring Budget 2023: a Budget for Growth?

03/16/2023: United States – IRS Releases 2023 Sec. 911-Related Housing Costs Limitations

03/14/2023: United States – Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Requirements Waived for Several Countries

03/09/2023: United Kingdom – SAYE Employee Share Plans and Capital Gains Tax Changes

03/07/2023: Brazil – 2022 Tax Return Filing Period

03/01/2023: United States – U.S. Supreme Court Rules on FBAR Penalty Issue  

03/01/2023: Ireland – 31 March Deadline Approaching for Share Schemes Reporting


02/28/2023: People’s Republic of China - Annual Comprehensive Income Tax Reconciliation Policy Update

02/28/2023: Spain – Taxes Introduced on High-Net-Worth Nonresidents Owning Spanish Assets

02/23/2023: United Kingdom – 6 July 2023 Employee Share Plan Reporting Deadline

02/16/2023: Indonesia – Regulations Implement New Rules on Taxing Benefits-in-Kind

02/16/2023: United States – IRS Guidance on Special State Tax Refunds and Relief Payments

02/14/2023: Australia – ATO Issues Guidance on ‘Employee’ Versus ‘Independent Contractor’

02/09/2023: Turkey – Income Tax Inflation Adjustments for 2023

02/03/2023: Czech Republic – What’s New in Tax for Employees?


01/31/2023: Germany – Overview of Important New Tax, Immigration, and Employment Law Rules

01/31/2023: Luxembourg – Frontier Workers / Tele-work Agreements Nailed Down for 2023

01/27/2023: Belgium – Changes to New Tax Regime for Inbound Taxpayers and Researchers

01/23/2023: People’s Republic of China – Extension of Tax Preferences for Equity Compensation, Gains

01/18/2022: Japan – Tax Reform Includes Stock Option Taxation Changes for Start-Ups

01/18/2022: United States – Federal Filing Deadlines Information, California Disaster Relief

01/17/2023: Spain – Improvements in Special Tax Regime for Inbound Expatriates

01/11/2023: Vietnam – Tax Authorities Focusing in on Tax Debts

01/11/2023: Canada – Rules on Residential Property Purchases by Nonresidents Impact Relocation Costs

01/09/2023: Czech Republic – Monetary Contribution to Employee Vacation Is Taxable Income

01/06/2023: United States – FATCA Relief for Foreign Financial Institutions


12/23/2022: United States – Employment Tax Group Publishes Article on Payroll Year-End Topics

12/23/2022: Argentina – FATCA Agreement Signed with United States

12/21/2022: Colombia – New Tax Reform Enacted

12/21/2022: Lithuania – Changes in Taxation of Employment-Related Income for 2023

12/20/2022: Luxembourg – Budget Bill Advances, Other Bill Proposes Unoccupied Housing Tax

12/16/2022: Greece – Developments on Changing Tax Residence Status, Other Tax Reliefs

12/12/2022: Brazil – Double Tax Treaties  with Norway and United Kingdom Signed

12/12/2022: United States – Extension of Time to File Year 2022 FBARs

12/09/2022: United States – Income Tax Treaty Signed with Croatia

12/07/2022: Switzerland – Updating Tax Compliance Rules for French Frontier Workers

12/02/2022: Canada – Tax Developments Related to Purchases of Residential Property

12/02/2022: United Kingdom – Double Taxation Convention with Brazil Signed, Not Yet in Force


11/23/2022: People’s Republic of China – Private Pensions Implementation and Tax Deferral Measures

11/18/2022: United Kingdom – No Radical Departures in Autumn Statement 2022

11/16/2022: Ireland – Budget Measures Embodied in Finance Bill 2022

11/11/2022: Australia – Tax and Immigration Measures in 2022-23 Budget

11/10/2022: Cyprus – Issuance of Circular on New Incentives for First-Time Employment

11/08/2022: Lithuania – Restrictions on Cash Payments

11/04/2022: Ireland - Deadline Approaching for 2022 PAYE Settlement Agreement Applications

11/03/2022: European Union – Remote Working and Corporate Taxation


10/27/2022: Argentina – Taking Steps to Tax Foreign Currency Purchases Made Abroad

10/24/2022: United States – Pension Plans 2023 Cost-of-Living Adjustments

10/19/2022: Latvia – Suspension of Income Tax Treaty with Russia

10/19/2022: United States – Tax Inflation Adjustments for Tax Year 2023

10/18/2022: United Kingdom - Government to Reverse Measures Announced in 2022 Growth Plan

10/18/2022: Australia – Draft Tax Residency Ruling

10/13/2022: New Zealand – Plans to Amend Certain Nonresident Employer Reporting Obligations

10/11/2022: France – Budget Simplifies Withholding Process, Adjusts Tax Brackets

10/07/2022: United States – FBAR Filing Deadline Relief for Persons Affected by Certain Natural Disasters

10/04/2022: United Kingdom – Government to Cancel Abolition of 45% Tax Rate

10/03/2022: United States – Expect More Penalty Notices for Form 1042-S Errors


09/30/2022: Ireland – Budget 2023 Announced

09/30/2022: Greece – New Developments Concerning Special Solidarity Contribution Tax

09/27/2022: United Kingdom – Autumn 2022 Growth Plan Announced

09/22/2022: Netherlands – New Budget Features Further Changes to 30% Ruling

09/20/2022: Germany – Update to Agreement with Switzerland on Cross-Border Work from Home

09/19/2022: Singapore – Changes to Exemption on Mandatory Overseas Pension/Provident Fund Contributions

09/15/2022: South Africa – New Process for Breaking Tax Residency

09/13/2022: United Kingdom – OTS Review of Hybrid and Distance Working

09/06/2022: Czech Republic – New Company Car Taxation Rules in Effect


08/26/2022: United States - IRS Provides Penalty Relief for Certain Returns

08/25/2022: Italy - Tax-Exempt Fuel Voucher and Electric Vehicle Recharging

08/22/2022: United States – President Biden Signs Budget Reconciliation Bill

08/18/2022: Finland – Exit Tax Proposed for Individuals

08/11/2022: Hong Kong – Salaries Tax Treatment of Share Award, Vesting vs. Forfeiture

08/08/2022: Chile – 2022 Tax Reform Bill Proposal

08/04/2022: Cyprus – New First Employment Incentives


07/29/2022: United States – Senators Reach Deal on Reconciliation Package, Tax Provisions Included

07/27/2022: United States – Update: U.S. Treasury Terminates Tax Treaty with Hungary

07/22/2022: Netherlands – Decree on Taxation of Directors Paid by Foreign Companies

07/19/2022: Poland – Amendments to “Polish Deal” Enacted

07/19/2022: Spain – Supreme Court Ruling on Exemption for Directors’ Overseas Work

07/13/2022: United States – U.S. Treasury to Terminate Tax Treaty with Hungary


06/30/2022: South Africa – Issues Around Auto-Assessments for Individuals Filing Tax Returns

06/30/2022: Ireland – Update on SARP Guidance from Revenue

06/29/2022: Romania – Fiscal Code Changes Rules on Investment Income

06/21/2022: Germany – Circular Indicates Opinion of Tax Administration on Taxing Crypto-Assets

06/21/2022: Argentina – Update on Scope of Informative Tax Filings 2021

06/16/2022: Hong Kong – Apportionment of Income for Double Taxation Relief

06/07/2022: Argentina – Filing and Payment Deadlines Extended for Individuals

06/03/2022: Hong Kong – Salaries Tax: Tax Deduction for Domestic Rents

06/02/2022: India – Indian Company Liable for Service Tax on Seconded Employees


05/25/2022: Netherlands – New Proposals for 30% Ruling Could Have Significant Impact

05/19/2022: Poland - Amendments to “Polish Deal” Passed by Sejm

05/12/2022: Belgium – Long-Awaited Circular on Expatriate Tax Concessions Published

05/09/2022: Netherlands – COVID-19: Ending Mutual Agreements with Germany, Belgium

05/09/2022: Taiwan – Tax Incentives for Foreign Professionals

05/06/2022: Taiwan – COVID-19: Individual Income Tax Filing, Payment Deadlines Extended

05/03/2022: Chile – Income Tax Return Filing Extension


04/26/2022: People’s Republic of China – Child-Care IIT Deduction Introduced

04/15/2022: Canada – Ontario Expands Foreign Home-Buyers Tax

04/15/2022: Canada – Highlights of Tax Changes in 2022 Federal Budget

04/15/2022: United Kingdom – 6 July 2022 Employee Share Plan Reporting Deadline

04/15/2022: United Kingdom – 1 September 2022 Registration Deadline for Certain Employee Trusts

04/12/2022: Poland – Tax-Related Amendments to “Polish Deal” under Consideration

04/12/2022: Czech Republic – Proposed New Tax Treatment of Donations for Ukraine

04/07/2022: Brazil – 2021 Income Tax Return Filing 1-Month Extension

04/05/2022: Switzerland – Ending Flexible Social Security, Tax Rules for Cross-Border Workers

04/05/2022: Argentina – Wealth Tax Changes Encompass Real Estate Valuation


03/31/2022: United States – The Green Book: Treasury’s Budget Proposals for FY23

03/29/2022: United States – Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Requirements Waived for Several Countries

03/25/2022: Ukraine – Tax Regime Largely Unaltered Despite War, Some Changes However

03/17/2022: South Korea – Tax Provision Bill with Measures for Foreign Workers Becomes Law

03/11/2022: Australia – Displaced Employees and COVID-19 Updates

03/11/2022: United States – IRS Announces New Options for Identity Verification

03/08/2022: United States – IRS Releases 2022 Sec. 911 -Related Housing Costs Limitations

03/02/2022: India – 2022 Union Budget Makes Adjustments at Margins for Individuals, Employers

03/01/2022: People’s Republic of China – Annual Comprehensive Income Tax Reconciliation Policies Update


02/25/2022: South Africa – Budget 2022 Delivered

02/15/2022: Belgium – Guidance on Expat Tax Regime and Tax-Free Expense Allowances

02/11/2022: Netherlands - Ministry Changes Stance on Severance Paid to Cross-Border Workers

02/09/2022: Japan – For 2021 Individual Taxes, Extended Filing and Payment Deadlines


01/31/2022: Ireland – Share Schemes Reporting Deadline Is 31 March

01/24/2022: United States – IRS Guidance on Withholding Taxes Paid by Employer

01/14/2022: Malaysia – Tax Exemption on Certain Foreign- Source Income until 2026

01/13/2022: Lithuania – Changes in Taxation of Employment-Related Income for 2022

01/13/2022: Vietnam – New Policy on Tax Treatment of Coronavirus-Related Expenses  

01/12/2022: Argentina – Wealth Tax Changes to Non Taxable Minimum, Tax Rates

01/12/2022: Belgium – Law on Revised Expatriate Tax Regime Published in Official Gazette

01/11/2022: United States – IRS Announces Tax Filing Season for Individuals Begins January 24


12/23/2021: Sweden – Court Rules on Expert Tax Relief 

12/22/2021: Norway – Budget 2022 Has Several Measures Affecting Individuals  

12/22/2021: United States/Malta – Competent Authorities in New Arrangement Clarify “Pension Fund”

12/17/2021: United States – Extension of Time to File Year 2021 FBARs

12/15/2021: United States – Delays Occurring for Issuance of ITINs, Certificates of Coverage

12/10/2021: Finland – Delay on Introduction of ‘Economic Employer’

12/10/2021: Belgium – Expatriate Tax Regime Bill Closer to Passage, More Changes Announced

12/03/2021: People’s Republic of China – Tax Administration Tightening Compliance on ESOPs

12/03/2021: Vietnam – Increase in Social Insurance Contributions for Foreign Employees


11/24/2021: Belgium – More Details on Revamping Expatriate Tax Regime

11/22/2021: United States – House Passes Build Back Better Act, Needs Senate Action

11/22/2021: South Africa – Penalties for Outstanding Tax Returns for Natural Persons

11/22/2021: Malaysia – Tax Measures Affecting Individuals in Budget 2022 

11/18/2021: United States – President Signs Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

11/12/2021: United States - KPMG Publishes Report on Modified Build Back Better Act

11/11/2021: United States – IRS Provides Tax Inflation Adjustments for Tax Year

11/05/2021: United States – Pension Plans, Social Security, 2022 Cost of Living Adjustments

11/05/2021: United States – House Democrats Release Modified Build Back Better Act


10/29/2021:  Ireland – Budget 2022 and Finance Bill 2021 Employment Taxes Updates

10/27/2021: United Kingdom – Autumn 2021 Budget Released     

10/19/2021: Belgium – Government Announces Revamp of Expatriate Tax Concessions

10/14/2021: Czech Republic – AirBnB Short-Term Leases Considered ‘Business Activity’ Income

10/14/2021: Ireland – 2021 PAYE Settlement Agreement Deadline and Reviewing Non-Cash Benefits

10/06/2021: United States – FBAR Filing Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters

10/01/2021: Germany – Constitutional Court: 6% Interest on Back Taxes, Refunds Unconstitutional


09/24/2021: Hong Kong – Taxation of Share Awards, Vesting vs. Forfeiture

09/17/2021: United States – KPMG Publishes Report on House Ways and Means Tax Proposals

09/13/2021: United States – House Ways and Means Releases Tax Proposals

09/03/2021: Australia – Updated Guidance on Prolonged Employee Displacement and Business Travel


08/25/2021: South Korea – Provisions for Foreign Workers in Tax Bill 

08/25/2021: Singapore – COVID-19: More Scrutiny by Tax Authority to Concessions

08/25/2021: Poland – Consultation Invited on Proposed Tax Measures in “Polish Deal”

08/17/2021: Hong Kong – Guidance on Tax Issues Arising from COVID-19

08/09/2021: South Africa – New Penalty Regime for Outstanding Returns

08/05/2021: Finland – Government Makes Plans to Introduce ‘Economic Employer’ Concept

08/03/2021: United States – Senate Finalizes Bipartisan Legislative Text on Infrastructure Bill


07/21/2021: Hong Kong – Salaries Tax: Termination of Employment and Restricted Shares

07/14/2021: South Africa – New Process for Evidencing Breaking Tax Residency

07/12/2021: Brazil – Authorities Update Online Services

07/01/2021: Belgium – COVID-19: Arrangements for Taxing Cross-Border Workers Further Extended

07/01/2021: United States – Supreme Court Not Hearing Challenge to State’s Remote Worker Tax

07/01/2021: Russia – Audits of Individuals’ Foreign Assets and Accounts


06/21/2021: Brazil – Tax Treaties with Switzerland, United Arab Emirates Approved 

06/14/2021: Australia – Superannuation Changes from 1 July

06/14/2021: Thailand – COVID-19: Further Social Security Relief Measures

06/11/2021: United States & Switzerland: Competent Authorities Identify Retirement Plans Eligible for Treaty Benefits

06/04/2021: Canada – CRA Issues “Hybrid Methodology” for Sourcing Cross-Border RSUs

06/01/2021: United States – KPMG Publishes Report on Tax Proposals in Biden’s FY 2022 Budget


05/28/2021: United States – President Releases FY 2022 Budget, Measures Affecting Individuals

05/28/2021: Ireland – Update: Share Schemes Reporting, ESA Electronic Return Coming

05/26/2021: Taiwan – COVID-19: Extension of Individual Income Tax Filing, Payment Deadlines

05/13/2021: Fiji – COVID-19: Lockdowns, Filing Deadlines, New Employer FNPF Obligations

05/12/2021: Australia – Budget Measures on Tax Residency, Equity Schemes, Superannuation

05/07/2021: Italy – Customs Duties on Imports of Personal Possessions from U.K. to Italy

05/04/2021: European Union – EU-U.K. Agreement Ratified

05/04/2021: Chile – COVID-19: Income Tax Return Filing One-Month Extension


04/28/2021: United States – American Families Plan Revealed with Tax Increases on High-Income Individuals

04/28/2021: United States – Section 911 Guidance from IRS for Iraq

04/27/2021: Mexico – COVID-19: Income Tax Return Filing One-Month Extension

04/23/2021: United States – New York Implements New Tax Rates for Top Earners

04/22/2021: Switzerland – Double Taxation Treaty with Brazil Entering into Force

04/20/2021: Greece – Greater Clarity from Tax Authorities on Taxation of Equity Income

04/19/2021: Canada – CRA Further Extends COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Tax-Related Relief

04/19/2021: Czech Republic – COVID-19 Relief for 2020 Income Tax Returns

04/16/2021: Nigeria – Expatriates Required to Prove Payment of Tax for Permits Renewals

04/12/2021: Brazil – COVID-19: Income Tax Return Filing 1-Month Extension

04/12/2021: France – COVID-19: Approach to Tax Residence Is Tightened by Tax Authorities

04/01/2021: United States – President Unveils American Jobs Plan, Made in America Tax Plan


03/31/2021: Ireland – Irish Revenue Provides Updates Regarding COVID-19 Concessions

03/30/2021: United States – UPDATE: Treasury, IRS Extend Federal Filing and Payment Deadline

03/25/2021: Switzerland – Updated Swiss Equity Compensation Reporting Requirements

03/23/2021: Australia – If Planning to Travel for Work, Consider Tax Implications

03/17/2021: United States – Treasury, IRS Extend Federal Filing and Payment Deadline

03/17/2021: South Korea – Modifications to Income Tax Rates, Tax Exemptions, and More

03/15/2021: Belgium – COVID-19: Arrangements for Taxing Cross-Border Workers Extended

03/11/2021: United States – President Biden Signs American Rescue Plan into Law

03/10/2021: United States – American Rescue Plan Passes, Bill Signing Expected Friday

03/10/2021: Hong Kong – 2021-2022 Budget Measures

03/10/2021: People’s Republic of China – IIT Preferential Treatment: Preparing for Change

03/03/2021: United Kingdom – Spring 2021 Budget Released

03/02/2021: People’s Republic of China – Individual Income Tax Filing Procedures Clarified

03/01/2021: United States – IRS Releases 2021 Sec. 911-Related Housing Cost Limitations


02/25/2021: Thailand – COVID-19: Tax Filing Extensions for 2020, Social Security Reduction for 2021

02/24/2021: Belgium – Tax Treatment of Expatriate Benefits-in-Kind Clarified

02/18/2021: OECD – COVID-19: Recent Guidance on Tax and Cross-Border Workers

02/10/2021: Greece – Publication on Special Tax Regimes

02/05/2021: Japan - Extended Filing and Payment Deadlines for 2020 Individual Taxes


01/28/2021: Ireland – Share Schemes Reporting Deadline, New 2020 Electronic Reporting Requirements

01/22/2021: Czech Republic – What’s New for Employers and Employees in 2021?

01/15/2021: European Union – Changes Afoot on Substantial Activity of Temp Agencies?

01/15/2021: Argentina – Taxpayers’ Wealth Subject to Mandatory and Extraordinary Contribution

01/13/2021: Portugal - Post-Brexit Tax Registration Obligations for U.K. Nationals

01/12/2021: Italy & Switzerland – New Cross-Border Commuter Agreement

01/12/2021: Spain – General Budget Law for 2021 Approved, Measures Affecting Individuals

01/05/2021: Greece – Recently-Introduced Measures Aim to Attract New Tax Residents

01/04/2021: People’s Republic of China – Rectification Filing Deadline if Resident Status Change


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