We offer assurance over a broad range of information and activities of our clients to:

  • help uphold ‘trust’ by assuring the accuracy and completeness of the information used by organisations and stakeholders
  • add value beyond the financial statement audit by providing assurance over other business value drivers such as governance, risk, internal controls and KPIs.

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How we can help

We can assist both public and private sector organisations to add credibility to reporting and disclosures provided to stakeholders such as regulators, shareholders, investors, customers/suppliers and government bodies.

We combine strong technical capabilities with relevant industry experience to provide assurance over a broad range of areas such as:

  • effectiveness of internal controls
  • confidence with key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • management of contractual arrangements
  • merger and acquisition (M&A) activity
  • regulatory reporting and compliance issues
  • effectiveness and reliability of corporate reporting.

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