How We Can Help

At KPMG we provide the understanding and insight – together with the tools and software – to help our clients safely navigate the transformation journey. Whatever the sector, function, or geography, we can help organisations avoid major causes of failure.

Transformation Project Management Office

Our support begins at the earliest stages of a project or programme. We can help your organisation build its business case justification while offering valuable tools and services around customer insights, market research, business case development, stakeholder and value management, and estimated benefits realisation.

We offer a market-leading approach to top-down planning, enabling you to accurately size and cost your programme of work.

Most transformations are relentlessly complex. Delivery can be fraught with re-planning and managing unexpected budget impacts. To help avoid these pitfalls, we have a core set of project managers and directors who work with all of KPMG’s service networks to assemble the right team, the right approach, and the right delivery capability for any given transformational project or programme.

Operating Model

Traditional Target Operating Models often face the challenge of not being comprehensive enough. They often only cover the traditional process-people-technology relationship, which means they can miss important aspects such as where the work will get done, how it will be reported and measured, and how it will be governed and controlled.

To ensure a more holistic perspective, the KPMG Target Operating Model includes six ‘layers’ to define your model: Process, People, Service Delivery Model, Technology, Performance Insights and Governance.

Understanding how all six components of your Target Operating Model layers relate to each other is key to creating an integrated and highly functional solution. 


We provide a range of required skills, methods and tools across operating model and transformation services, including:

  • current state operating model diagnostic
  • target operating model design
  • our packaged PMO service capability
  • understanding current state: physical assets, technology, commercial and people
  • data migration
  • change management
  • organisation design
  • culture change
  • technology delivery
  • testing assistance
  • strategy and planning
  • programme assurance
  • process design
  • LEAN and process 
  • cost optimisation.