KPMG’s International Tax specialists provide meaningful commercially focused advice on cross-border tax matters and can support your business in navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving international tax landscape, through a wide range of tax advisory and compliance services.

Our team of skilled professionals have the knowledge, experience, and insights you need to ensure your business is compliant with the local tax laws and regulations of the countries you operate in, and any associated tax risks are appropriately managed. We consider this is extremely important in an unprecedented time of wide-reaching legislative and technological changes, increased scrutiny from Revenue Authorities around the world and an absolute focus on business efficiency. By drawing on our global network and local subject matter experts in other areas of tax, we are committed to providing comprehensive multi-disciplinary solutions that are tailored to your business objectives and needs. At KPMG we believe that it is our people and our purpose that make us different, and our team is committed to making a difference to your business and help it thrive in the era of rapid change.

How we can support your business

We are committed to providing market leading international tax advice and insights on tax implications of the cross-border arrangements, structures, and transactions. Our team can support your business to understand and manage the tax impact and drive efficiency relating to:

  • acquisitions and integrations
  • divestments and separations
  • international outbound and inbound expansions
  • corporate structures and legal entity rationalisations
  • Treasury activities, capital structures and financial planning
  • business changes, operating models, and supply chains
  • intellectual property models
  • tax treaty entitlements
  • legislative changes arising from the OECD’s BEPS international tax reform
  • international tax compliance, reporting and risk management.

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