In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, it is not enough to simply rely on intuition when making decisions or challenging assumptions. We help our clients understand what their business or shares are worth, the key drivers that influence value and the how to enhance the outcomes of transactions or investment projects.  We partner with clients on their significant investment decisions, including quantification of the impact of physical and transition risks and opportunities in moving to a low carbon economy.

We help business owners, CEOs, CFOs and Boards navigate an increasingly complex and regulated environment, including the requirements of financial reporting standards, impairment processes arising during an audit, the Climate Standard (CS-1), assistance with step acquisitions, purchase price allocation and cost of capital advice required to support key investment decisions. We also undertake valuations of complex securities (options, convertible notes, hybrid securities) and the valuation of stock options and performance share rights under IFRS -2.

Underpinning all our advice is a commitment to robust financial modelling and transparency to ensure conclusions that are both logical and easy to follow.

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How we can help

  • providing independent professional advice to boards, shareholders and management on transactions, new capital investment projects, mergers and acquisitions, and evaluations of solicited or unsolicited takeover offers;
  • evaluating the appropriate price to pay or accept for a business or other asset;
  • calculating the value of equity to be issued to new shareholders or partners;
  • valuing private equity and unlisted investments for financial reporting and pricing purposes;
  • undertaking valuations for tax purposes ;
  • providing valuations for accounting and reporting purposes (including valuations, impairment testing, purchase price allocation and step acquisitions required under IFRS);
  • advice on the cost of equity and debt capital (including incremental borrowing rates on leases) on both a pre-IFRS 16 and post-IFRS 16 basis;
  • advice on optimal capital structure and dividend policy;
  • linkages between valuation and cost of capital to ESG parameters;
  • assessing the fair value of executive and employee options and share rights for financial reporting purposes;
  • providing valuations to assist in resolving commercial disputes.
  • investment appraisals;
  • transaction models, including mergers, acquisitions, divestments and preparing the prospective financial information disclosures required for capital market transactions;
  • financial restructuring processes;
  • climate scenario impact models, which assist with the quantification of physical and transition risks and opportunities and assessment of the future capital requirements for your business.

We provide independent review on the mechanical accuracy, robustness and integrity of financial models, improving the overall quality of decision-making or third-party confidence in the outputs. We have developed a proven, rigorous methodology for financial model reviews, which includes the use of  KPMG’s proprietary Model Review Tool.  

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