Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber Maturity Asessment

Create a stronger security culture within your organisation.

Create a stronger security culture within your organisation.

Cyber security is a strategic enterprise risk that goes far beyond information technology. Uncontrolled, it can affect product integrity, the customer experience, investor confidence, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation and more.

The cyber security landscape and the associated threats are not a new – the speed of evolution is what is changing. The focus on cyber security is increasing rapidly due to many high profile and highly disruptive security breaches threatening financial and physical damage across critical national and corporate infrastructures.

It is also increasingly common for government buyers and large corporates to demand confidence in information management as a qualifier for lucrative contracts or partnerships. With the stakes so high, organisations must decide on their cyber security risk appetite and how they will respond to cyber security threats. There is a significant responsibility on executives to reassure customers, stakeholders and employees that appropriate safeguards are in place.


Why conduct a Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA)?

KPMG’s Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) provides an in-depth review of an organisation’s ability to protect its information assets and its preparedness against cyber threats.

We believe that it is unique in the market in that it looks beyond pure technical preparedness for cyber threats. The KPMG assessment takes a rounded view of people, process and technology to enable clients to understand areas of vulnerability, identify and prioritise areas for remediation and demonstrate both corporate and operational compliance, turning information risk to business advantage.

In developing the assessment, KPMG member firms have combined international information security standards with global insight of best practice in risk management, cyber security, governance and people processes. Our approach addresses six key dimensions that together provide a comprehensive view of an organisation’s cyber maturity.


Considerations for executives

  • How mature is your organisation at managing cyber risks?
  • Are you looking to create a stronger security culture within your organisation?
  • Is your security culture aligned with your organisation’s risk appetite?
  • Which regulatory requirements do you need to comply with and can you attest to that compliance?
  • Are you looking to take greater control, ensuring that your organisation is prepared for the evolving cyber security landscape?
  • What should you be considering as part of a cyber security strategy?
  • Are you looking to benchmark your cyber maturity results against that of your peers?


How we can help

Working with your team and conducting a combination of interviews, workshops, policy and process reviews and technical testing, KPMG professionals will work shoulder to shoulder with you to help you manage your cyber security issues.

The assessment provides the flexibility to evaluate the level of cyber maturity on a site-by-site basis or at a company level. It helps to identify industry best practice within an organisation and provides comparator information against peer groups and competitors.

In turn, allowing you and your business to navigate the cyber security landscape and focus on achieving business aspirations.

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