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The odds are stacked against the defenders

Traditional security tools such as firewalls and anti-virus software have relied upon signatures and pre-defined rules to detect and escalate cyber security incidents. However, advancements in attacker techniques and covert malware exploitation technologies, along with the evaporation of corporate boundaries, have reduced the effectiveness of these security measures. With the threat looming and ever evolving, KPMG’s ThreatInspect solution helps you answer the critical question being asked by boards and senior management “has our organisation been breached?”

Through the use of CrowdStrike, a ‘best of breed’ EDR (Enterprise Detection and Response) technology, along with the experience of KPMG’s cyber security professionals, the KPMG ThreatInspect managed EDR solution provides real-time visibility and continuous monitoring for patterns of attacker activity, along with insights about the security posture of your organisation.


Why use KPMG ThreatInspect?

KPMG ThreatInspect provides you with:

  • Continuous monitoring - Deliver continuous monitoring across your environment, enabling faster identification and remediation of security threats. Reduce the time to detect a breach from potentially months, down to minutes.
  • Reduced risk - Gain a proactive view of the security posture across your organisation, and identify control weaknesses before they get exploited.
  • Broader capability - Complement the skills of your existing team by utilising the skills and experience of KPMG’s cyber security professionals.
  • Enhanced incident response - Increase the effectiveness of your incident response capability by gaining visibility into the full incident. Identify the cause and source of an attack quickly, allowing you to respond smarter.
  • Increased visibility - Increase the visibility about the computers, users and applications in your environment, to allow provide a better view of what you are protecting.
  • The ability to quickly reduce you cyber risk profile - The cloud architecture of KPMG ThreatInspect means that the solution is quickly deployed and readily scalable; from small businesses through to large enterprises.

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