Dynamic Risk Assessment

Dynamic Risk Assessment

In today’s market, change is constant, interconnectivity is ever-present and disruption is rapidly becoming the norm. The extend to which organisations understand and respond to this can mean the difference between success and failure. Consequently being able to understand and forecast this situation, not only increases the success you’ll have with strategy execution but can mean a sustainable advantage over your competition – and KPMG has the tools, experience and advice to help you.

KPMG Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA), provides an unparalleled view of the aforementioned factors that might impact your strategy. As opposed to the decades-old two-dimensional approach to predicting risk (i.e. grading individual risks according to their likelihood and severity); DRA provides a multi-dimensional and dynamic view of risk – highlighting the interconnectivity of risk, which of these are most impactful and/or vulnerable, as well as the speed with which they may manifest in your business.

As a consequence, the insights from DRA can help organisations make better-informed decisions by understanding what can happen when individual risks combine and interact. It also helps to identify the most effective intervention points, namely what we need to get right and what we can’t afford to get wrong.

The insights emanating from the DRA process do not only provide an expanded view of the uncertainties organisations face, but also how and when they interact on their business objectives. This provides clients with new insights that they may use to drive more-informed decisions within their organisations about how best to tackle and monitor these threats and opportunities.

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