IT Strategy

IT Strategy & Performance

We can help you understand how technology can support your organisational strategy.

We enable your business to better understand how your current IT environment operates from both a technology and organisational perspective. We can highlight areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and provide advice on how to get from where you are to where you need to be.

We work with you to design and implement modern operating models. In addition, we can provide insight into how emerging technologies are changing how businesses and governments interact with their customers and citizens – and how you can take advantage of these trends.

Technology Selection & Procurement

We can help your business through the process of identifying a need, to procuring and implementing the right combination of technology and services to support it.

Our team combines technology, commercial and functional experience to support you through the selection and implementation journey; from developing your requirements, scanning the market and running a procurement process, to developing the business case and implementing the solution.

Regardless of where you are in the selection journey – our team can provide you with pragmatic and informed assistance.


Digital Enablement with ServiceNow

Organisations today face increasing demands from their customers and employees that cannot be met with paper-based processes.

We leverage the ServiceNow platform to help you deliver automated, digital workflows across IT, customer service, human resources and Enterprise Service Management.

Our local team is certified and experienced. We are supported by our global delivery network of over 500 developers, meaning we can provide you with scoping, design, implementation and ongoing support services.

Our Powered IT, Powered HR and Powered ESM offerings provide you with pre-configured ServiceNow solutions, supported by defined processes, roles, and governance controls – giving you a significant head start on any functional transformation.

Cloud Consulting

Our experienced team can help you understand what Cloud technologies can do for your organisation, how to best incorporate these technologies into your BAU, and how to optimise your environment once you’re there.

Cloud offers your organisation the ability to scale, adapt and modernise your technology environment in response to an ever-increasing pace of change.

KPMG’s team is experienced in cloud adoption and migration at scale. We have global partnerships with three main cloud providers and have a global capability of certified professionals, meaning we can take a holistic approach to your Cloud journey – balancing technology with risk, data, security and strategy.

Cloud Consulting

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