KPMG offers a range of Deal Advisory - Tax services to corporate and private equity investors to help with local and cross-border transactions.

Together with our Deal Advisory colleagues and KPMG’s global network of member firms, we help our clients navigate through every stage of a transaction from deal origination to diligence, structuring and post completion integration and support. We are a one-stop-shop, offering the full breadth of services to support your transaction. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and are scaled to suit – from “red flags” reports to detailed formal opinions and binding rulings.

How we can support you - buy-side

  • Tax due diligence – identifying the tax exposure of a deal and how it may be mitigated, with clear focus on risk assessment and actionable, practical recommendations to help purchasers get certainty over the Target business and make sound pricing decisions. 
  • Structuring – advice on the tax consequences of transactions to design tax-efficient deal structures that align with commercial considerations, looking at structures, debt push down, interest deductibility and withholding tax considerations. 
  • Tax modelling – assistance in reviewing the tax aspects of the financial model factoring findings from our due diligence, tax structuring and forecasting post-deal tax liabilities. 
  • Contract assistance and negotiation with Insurers - assistance in working through the tax aspects of the SPA and any conversations with Warranties and Indemnities Insurers ensuring risks are adequately and practically dealt with. 
  • Acquisition cost recovery analysis – analysing deductibility and GST treatment of deal costs to help clients mitigate after-tax deal costs.
  • Post-deal integration – helping clients with tax compliance and reconciling their own tax positions and those of the acquired business.

How we can support you - sell-side

  • Vendor due diligence – preparation of a comprehensive report summarising the business’ approach to tax compliance and tax positions taken to best position the business for sale. This streamlines the due diligence process and allows the vendor to deal with potential issues in advance of the transaction.
  • Structuring – pre-deal reorganisation to make the business more attractive to potential buyers and advice on the tax implications of the sale of a business to maximise value for the vendor.
  • Tax modelling – assistance in forecasting tax liabilities associated with restructuring, divestment options to assist decision making and development of a forecast model to provide to buyers.
  • Contract assistance - assistance in working through the tax aspects of the SPA and negotiations with bidders on amendments to tax related clauses.