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KPMG's value creation approach uses data and analytics to rapidly identify and unlock value within our clients' organisations.  It focuses on key levers of value, such as identifying sources of growth, reducing costs, improving profitability, or leveraging strategic opportunities to reinvent the organisation.   

Our toolbox contains 300+ ready-to-deploy resources that can help us identify pockets of short and long term opportunities, and leverage our global insights by market sector and business situation (eg transformation, transaction or turnaround).

We support organisations from value creation strategy to implementation.

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Why KPMG value creation?

We can help you understand the risks and upside opportunities of a deal and understand where enterprise value can be improved. Ahead of a divestment, we can help you build a compelling plan for change, backed by data. We provide you with end-to-end delivery – from identifying where potential lies to implementing the programmes to release it. 

We support our clients identify value opportunities at all stages of the deal, from initial outside-in assessments, through diagnostics within portfolio companies, to driving value on exit.

Everything you need, in one place. We provide you with end-to-end delivery – from identifying where potential lies to implementing the programmes to release it.

Get deeper insights, faster. We’ve invested heavily in alternative and real-time data as well as advanced analytics tools and machine learning.

  • An integrated team working at deal speed 
    Our team brings together commercial, financial, operational and data science experts. And we give you access to KPMG’s global network of experts on everything from operations and customer experience, to corporate finance and tax.
  • Next-level insights using advanced analytics and data science 
    Our comprehensive library of real-time and high-frequency data enables us to uncover key indicators of potential. And our huge bank of analysis enables us to deliver deep insights in weeks rather than months.
  • A holistic, end-to-end approach to value creation. 
    Whether you’re buying, selling or holding, we help you identify potential and provide practical hands-on delivery of performance improvement programmes.


Uncover and quantify value creation opportunities


Leverage experienced professionals to capture the value

From strategy To execution


Closely monitor value creation and execution success


Identify the best opportunities and plan the roadmap

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Our team is led by experts in value creation with vast experience of working in and with FTSE 50, FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms. We bring industry, strategy and operations experts together in one integrated team. And we can also draw on KPMG’s global network of experts on everything from customer experience to supply chain transformation. 

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