Our KPMG Property tax specialists support you to maximise the value in your property by equipping you to navigate the complex property tax landscape.

We know that navigating the tax obligations in respect of your property investments is complex. We work with a range of clients from large corporate vehicles to family offices and individuals to navigate the complex issues that can arise in New Zealand’s taxation of property. 

With new tax initiatives constantly under consideration by Inland Revenue it is more important than ever to ensure you have the most up to date tax insights, we understand that an unexpected tax liability can be the biggest expense a taxpayer can face on a property transaction.

Terms such as “build-to-rent”, “residential bright-line”, “capital gains” and “purchase price allocation” can often leave taxpayers wondering what it means for their tax bill. Our property tax specialists have experience advising on a wide range of matters from tax efficient purchase price negotiations to investment structures to help you navigate your obligations with these.

By building on our extensive experience with diverse types of taxpayers, we can equip you with the knowledge to preserve value through careful management of your tax obligations.

How KPMG can support you

We provide a range of services for our clients that invest in property, develop property or lease property. Some of the benefits from our services include:

  • Cost savings: By responsibly managing property tax liabilities, you can save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. We help identify opportunities for tax reductions and exemptions which can significantly reduce tax liabilities.
  • Compliance: The income tax law surrounding property is complex and constantly changing. We help ensure that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, reducing the risk of costly penalties and fines.
  • Planning: by helping develop strategies for managing property tax liabilities over any term. This can be through identifying opportunities for tax incentives or structuring transactions for optimal taxation. 

Our services

To achieve these benefits for our clients, our services include:

  • Transaction support - advising on acquisitions and divestments to ensure the tax liabilities of transactions are effectively managed
  • Contract assistance - assistance working through the tax aspects of the SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement) and negotiations on amendments to tax related clauses.
  • Structuring - advising on optimal investment structuring to preserve value
  • Compliance - preparing and reviewing tax calculations that form part of required tax filings
  • Dispute resolution - where disputes with Inland Revenue arise over property tax assessments, our deep subject matter understanding can help you navigate the dispute resolution process.
  • Goods and services tax (“GST”) - advising on the GST implications of transactions.