As overseers of risk and stewards of long-term value, providing good climate governance is an essential function of the director’s role.

The impacts of climate change are increasing in scope and scale. The time to debate the science or politics has passed. Organisations need to act. Directors must guide them.

This guide sets out two sections of a roadmap for directors who want to deliver strategic climate governance.

Firstly experts from Chapter Zero New Zealand, the Institute of Directors and KPMG, alongside our contributing professional directors, outline what good climate governance should look like:

  • Inside your organisation
  • Inside your value chain
  • Beyond your value chain

Taking action at a board level released a powerful energy throughout the entire organisation.

Jackie Lloyd CFInstD

Just start. Climate governance isn’t set and forget - it’s about trying things, learning and adapting. Capital commitments will be required to deal with climate change. The cost difference between good and average decisions will run into very large numbers.

Scott St John CFInstD

The second section provides practical advice from professional Aotearoa New Zealand directors about the actions they believe directors can take to drive climate governance within their organisations:

  • Foster the right attitude
  • Build board capability
  • Select the right structure
  • Increase your climate literacy
  • Adopt a strategic timeframe
  • Know your numbers – then reflect and coach your team
  • Apply IoD’s Four Pillars of Governance

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