All organisations must manage financial risks such as foreign exchange, interest rate, liquidity, credit risk and operational risk (i.e. fraud and error). Some must also manage commodity price risk which affects the cost of inputs or the value of sold products.

These risks can be complex to manage with the wrong risk management decision literally costing millions of dollars in real or opportunity loss. In the worst case scenario, experience has shown it can ruin the organisation.

KPMG’s experience has shown that a robust set of guidelines in the form of a treasury policy that underpin the approach an organisation takes to managing financial risk are critical to successfully navigating today’s financial hurdles.

In developing a policy that will outline the approach to managing financial risk, an organisation faces an array of decisions; these decisions include; defining its appetite to accept risk, ensuring the policy covers all material financial risks, deciding upon the appropriate tools to manage risk and when to employ those tools. The technical hurdles that financial risk management solutions present often create challenges for firms in selecting an approach to financial risk management that is fit for purpose. However the decision making process that appears complex can be avoided with KPMG simple and practical approach.

How we can help
Our team is able to assist organisations across all aspects of their treasury function, from the development of simple and practical treasury policies that will support informed decision making, to treasury function health check’s, right sizing and treasury management system selection.

Our team is ready to support businesses in evaluating their approach to financial risk management by drawing upon a structured model that encompasses; treasury framework and governance, financial risk, funding, liquidity and cash, operations and reporting.

KPMG’s team of treasury experts have a depth of practical expertise and knowledge attained both locally and globally and bring a diverse skillset to meet our corporate clients’ needs in a cost effective way.

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