We believe strong financial and capital markets as well as a stable financial system are critical to the wealth and wellbeing of New Zealand. Our Financial Risk Management Team support robust markets through using our deep knowledge of financial services and products to advise New Zealand business facing exposure to financial and regulatory risk.

Organisations are recognising the benefits of a coherent approach to financial risk management and regulatory compliance, and how sound practices in these areas can drive superior performance.

Our team focuses on advising financial institutions and corporates on all aspects of financial, market and operational risk. We have deep experience and understanding of financial services businesses and financial products and specialise in helping people understand the risk and accounting for those products in simple and easy to understand concepts.

We support clients across all industries to achieve robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

The KPMG Financial Risk Management team is an integral part of our local and global advisory teams. In New Zealand we leverage the best of both worlds: our global leading practice methodology and tools and our strong local experience of managing financial risks with New Zealand companies.

We have deep industry skills in:

  • Wealth and funds management, 
  • Retail banking
  • Insurance; and
  • Capital markets

Key expertise includes:

  • establishing and enhancing risk strategy, governance and culture to meet internal and external expectations
  • interpreting, analysing, planning for and managing regulatory change
  • remediation of issues
  • introducing new compliance measures and reducing compliance costs
  • assessing risk management capabilities – benchmarking financial risk management performance and procedures
  • transforming risk management functions to reduce costs and add value
  • developing tools to measure, monitor and report on financial risk and compliance issues
  • streamlining financial licence applications
  • reviewing and improving corporate treasury functions
  • managing corporate treasury – hedging governance, strategy, execution and ongoing valuation and accounting support.

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