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Lighthouse: CoE for Information and Insights

KPMG's Lighthouse, our centre of excellence for information and insights, helps organisations get more value from their data assets, gain deeper insight through the application of quantitative modelling techniques, and realise value through embedding and deploying these smarts in automated processes.

With our data-driven approach we provide organisations with a holistic view of their data, enabling them to learn from it, and make faster, more accurate business decisions. Our analytical and technical solutions are anchored in deep domain knowledge, and a detailed understanding of our client’s needs. Our approaches demystify topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Big Data, tackle industry specific challenges and cover a range of important business issues. Common business questions we answer include improving customer experience, manage cost and risk, improving operational efficiency, and increasing growth / profitability.

We provide services across the data value chain including:

  • Data strategy and analytics maturity assessment
  • Information management
  • Data engineering
  • Data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and data visualisation
  • Data science, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud-based analytics services

KPMG's Lighthouse Partner, Stephen Hastings discusses Unlocking the value of data in the Insitute of Directors October/November Boardroom magazine. 

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