It's time for New Zealand to reset.

The business environment for the next two to three years will be very turbulent for most organisations. As a result of Covid-19, organisations need to reconsider their future and what these changes mean for them and their consumers.

We must focus relentlessly on how we optimise our businesses in this environment, ensuring we have the agility to pivot to new priorities at pace and embedding long term resilience.

This is a real opportunity to reset our business strategy, but it will only be achieved if we are fianncially strong, have an agile operating model, effective automation and an elastic workforce.

We're experiencing the kind of fundamental shift that requires us as businesses, iwi and government organisations to collabortate, to rethink and to reset. KPMG have a number of offerings available to support you through this.

Rapid Assessment Mobilisation Programme (RAMP)

Rapid Assessment Mobilisation Programme

Need to reduce cost and improve productivity?

Our RAMP framework enables us to rapidly assess opportunities and threats to your organisation in times of disruption. We can help you identify and implement productivity improvements including cost optimisation, digital enablement, operational and process improvement and revenue uplift.

The RAMP solution has specifically been designed to aid organisations to remain agile in an ever-changing business environment. RAMP provides your organisation with the ability to lock in the productivity learnings gained during the COVID-19 crisis and rapidly pivot to the ‘new world’.  Leveraging our global methodology we can help improve your organisational resilience in all areas; financial, operational and commercial to help you establish your new reality and rapidly take action.

Digital Springboard

Digital Springboard

How can you leverage digital change?

COVID-19 created a huge jolt for businesses and public services. Changes to the way we engage with each other emerged overnight and created a need to change at pace through a more extreme set of responses than ever before.

Many organisations recognised the need to reprioritise previously longer-term initiatives into urgent and critical activities. And digital change, whether internal or customer facing, has been top of that agenda.

KPMG’s digital enablement capabilities can help you to understand your digital landscape and provide you with a clear view of the pathway ahead. Whether you are starting off on this journey or looking to accelerate adoption, KPMG can help you achieve your digital goals.

Infrastructure Rapid Mobilisation


Need to deliver infrastructure projects at pace?

As part of New Zealand’s economic recovery, infrastructure investment and delivery is a key stimulus.  The rapid mobilisation of projects is now required whilst recognising that these projects are being delivered in a very different risk environment.

KPMG has the capacity and experience to help you tackle these challenges and deliver infrastructure support at pace. We understand your need for timely delivery of projects in the current environment, we are experienced in delivering major infrastructure projects and our team of experts bring local and global insights to allow you to deliver your projects, manage your risks and achieve your outcomes.

Rapid Responsive Operating Model


Is your operating model fit for purpose in the new reality?

As you critically assess your organisational strategies to respond to changes in demand, disruptions to supply and market shifts, it will be critical to review the suitability of your current operating model. Do you have the process, digital and people power to execute change supported by strong governance and insights?

These decisions need to be followed with execution of operating model change at pace to stay ahead of your competition and rapidly respond to customer and market changes facing organisations in New Zealand and abroad.

As you progress through the lifecycle of a COVID-19 response, your operating model will need to respond to and address new priorities. We can work with you to design a rapid responsive operating model and allow you to exploit opportunities as they become available. KPMG’s rapid responsive operating model will help you to focus on security, viability and sustainability. Growth and prosperity as we enter the new world will be achieved by those who can respond to and embrace change quickly.

Workforce of the Future


How can you future-proof your workforce?

In our new reality, the adoption of the concept of the ‘workplace of the future’ has become increasingly and more immediately important. Organisations need to operate effectively and efficiently within this new landscape and consider fresh challenges such as human/machine workforce requirements, employee wellbeing, agile operating models, compliance requirements and emerging technologies.

KPMG’s Workforce of the Future Maturity Model can help you understand how prepared you are for the new demands that will be placed on your business and your people. We can provide you with clarity around your level of maturity against different workforce of the future characteristics and develop a detailed roadmap for increasing your levels of maturity. We can maximise your employee wellbeing and productivity, align your documentation to comply with emerging best practice and ensure that your people have clarity on how to use new technology. We have a team of international and local experts to help you future-proof your workforce.