At KPMG in Canada, your skills, knowledge, and capabilities are key to our success. That’s why we empower our people to advance their personal and professional skills through learning and development programs so they can excel at every stage of their career. Be part of a community where learning is continuous and feed your curiosity by taking advantage of these opportunities to set challenging goals while being supported to achieve them. Whether you are passionate about pursuing leadership opportunities or looking for something new, our programs are designed to help you explore your career options so you can gain an advantage for life.

We have a wide range of learning opportunities for students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals across audit, tax, advisory, digital, business enablement services and more to ensure your learning is continuous as you grow into your role.

Leadership milestone programs

Our Leadership Milestone Programs provide you, regardless of your role or level with the tools and resources to support your leadership journey; identifying your strengths, passions and values and aligning them with our Everyone a Leader Framework.

Leadership Milestone Programs
  • KNOX Onboarding: When you join the firm, KPMG’s National Onboarding eXperience (KNOX) will help you get familiar with how the firm works, what programs and benefits are available to you, and provide you with useful tips and tricks to help you get started.
  • Leading from within: This program delivers foundational leadership skill development for employees below the manager level. It provides our people with the tools and training to better understand their strengths, values, and personal leadership style. These insights could be used to drive their growth mindset and support their KPMG career journey as they make progress towards future leadership roles. Learning modules include self-assessments, personal branding, powerful storytelling, strategic networking, relationship building and community peer group activities.
  • New Manager Conference: Our annual New Manager Conference is for employees who have been newly promoted or hired directly to a manager role. This program supports personal and leadership development as it relates to the new skills, experiences, and relationships that managers will need to excel in this critical role. Learning modules are focused on professional skills including: making the transition to manager, networking and leading virtually, building virtual teams, and practicing skills such as coaching, delegating, and strategic thinking. As well, provides opportunity for our new managers to connect with senior firm leadership and celebrate this important milestone with their peers from across the country.
  • Senior Manager Program: In partnership with McGill University, this program is for employees who have been newly promoted or hired directly to a senior manager role. Learning modules are focused on leading and empowering, value creation, design thinking and negotiation. Upon graduation, participants will receive an Executive Leadership Certificate from McGill University. This program also provides an opportunity to connect with our senior leadership and build relationships with peers from across the country.
230 Senior Managers at KPMG inaugural Senior Manager Program hosted in Montreal

230 Senior Managers came together for our inaugural Senior Manager Program hosted in Montreal

CPA training and mentorship

Take advantage of one of Canada's top CPA training programs, designed to support you through the CPA process successfully. Our program is aligned with the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP), and its quality is reflected through the strong results of our people.

We offer a National CPA Training Program to provide all CPA candidates at KPMG with consistent support. KPMG provides individual, interactive workshops tailored for core, elective, and capstone modules. Workshop content covers: module expectations; an overview of support and resources available to candidates through the firm’s CPA Program; technical review; and tips on how to be successful in the module and prepare for the module exam.

Over the course of an 8-week study leave, our flagship Common Final Exam (CFE) training program provides CFE candidates with a 5-day training program, comprehensive study plan and extra practice exams developed and marked by CFE gurus.

KPMG Audit Foundations program

Newly hired staff in Audit and Assurance and CPA professionals in Tax and Advisory attend our KPMG Audit Foundations Program. This program is designed to support new professionals in their development of technical skills, knowledge, and confidence through an interactive, multi-media program. Throughout the program they apply skills and knowledge using case studies and real-life examples to reinforce what they have learned.

Areas of focus include technical skills aligned to their roles, emerging data and analytics, professional judgement, critical thinking, project management, communication, relationship building and coaching. This immersive approach to learning is complemented by on-the-job support and coaching empowering professionals to be valuable, contributing team members on their engagements.

Digital Academy

Digital Academy provides our professionals with the opportunity to build skills for the future, offering specialized courses covering the latest advancements in technology, data and analytics, and other digital advances. Offered through Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business, program participants earn a Graduate Certificate in Accounting with Digital Analytics and can go on to obtain a Master of Science in Accounting with Cognitive Analytics. Digital Academy is fully funded by KPMG in Canada.

Micro-credentials learning program

In fall 2021, KPMG and Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Beedie School of Business co-created and launched a new data analytics and visualization micro-credential program. Its mission is to help our people develop the skills in data collection, cleansing, analyzing, and visualizing they need to bring data-derived insights to life for their clients and remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

Each course within this unique and flexible market-leading learning opportunity can be completed in 15-20 hours and is spaced over six to eight weeks. Its curriculum and teaching model are tailored to employees' roles and designed to accelerate the desired data capabilities across our entire organization.

Participants who complete the program, including the final mini-case assessment, receive one graduate-level credit, a certificate of completion, and a verifiable digital credential from SFU Beedie and KPMG. Program graduates have the opportunity to apply and ‘stack’ the graduate credit awarded towards further study.

Raise Your Game

Raise Your Game (RYG) is Advisory’s flagship learning and development program and includes three program areas: Advisory Curriculum, Service Line, and Mandatory Firm Training. Advisory professionals are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours' worth of learning each year and these programs provide training hours through a variety of modalities including webinars, instructor led training, virtual instructor led training and self-directed learning.

RYG’s curriculum is aligned with the KPMG Advisory Performance Standard (APS) as well as the Technical Performance Standard to help professionals meet the expectations of their role in Advisory.

Customized Degreed program

Every KPMG employee has access to Degreed, a digital platform that leverages machine learning and enables our employees to browse and track all learning resources—internal and external to KPMG—from a single place. Employees have access to our learning management system content, LinkedIn Learning, Intuition Know-How, and other specialized content libraries, including Pluralsight, Udemy for Business, and Kubicle.

Through these libraries in Degreed, our people have access through curated learning pathways to courses, videos, books, articles, podcasts, and subject experts. Each employee’s experience is unique, with course recommendations based on their interests and can be personalized in consultation with their performance manager.

Reverse Mentorship

KPMG continues to make mentorship a part of our culture. For example, our CEO’s Leaders of Tomorrow Circle is open to employees from all areas of the firm and a group is chosen annually to help shape the future of our firm. Participants in the Leaders of Tomorrow circle meet monthly to discuss what’s important to them and our business.

Members of our 2022 Leaders of Tomorrow Circle

Members of our 2022 Leaders of Tomorrow Circle gathered in our Toronto office to engage in projects and discussions that help shape the future of KPMG in Canada

Supporting your further education

KPMG is committed to continuous learning and professional development at every stage of your career. Financial support for professional development including tuition reimbursement for approved learning programs is managed and approved within our offices.

In addition, to encourage our people to build their knowledge through continuing education, KPMG’s Accreditation Awards program provides recognition and a financial award for the successful completion of eligible accreditations, professional designations, degrees, and certificates. When our people achieve a milestone in their education while at KPMG, this program celebrates and rewards their investment in their career growth.

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