KPMG is committed to advancing the audit profession by offering the training and experience our professionals need to accelerate their careers in a data-driven world.

Serving today's global companies requires more than a deep knowledge of accounting and auditing. Harnessing the power of data requires industry professionals that are savvy about data and analytics, and have the critical thinking skills needed to translate data patterns and anomalies into higher quality audits, all while providing relevant and meaningful business insights.

Offered through Simon Fraser University - Beedie School of Business, Digital Academy is an industry-leading program that provides our audit professionals the opportunity to build their skills for the future through specialized courses on the latest advancements in technology and data and analytics, and prepares them for an era of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other digital advances.

Program participants earn a Graduate Certificate in Accounting with Digital Analytics and can go on and obtain a Master of Science in Accounting with Cognitive Analytics. All fully funded by KPMG in Canada.

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