You are invited to participate in the Experience a Day with KPMG in Canada Tax and the Experience a Day with KPMG in Canada Audit and Assurance Forage programs! Throughout these programs, you will experience the type of work our employees at KPMG participate in daily and learn more about a future with the firm.

In ways big and small, our people make a positive and meaningful difference for our clients, people, and the communities we serve. In this program, discover how our innovative tools and unique perspectives come together to create this difference.

What is the Experience a Day Program?

This program is for post-secondary students who are interested in a career in tax or audit and assurance. This virtual experience will allow you to participate in a “day-in-the-life”, while discovering more about what it is really like to work in the tax or audit and assurance business at KPMG.

This self-guided virtual program taught through the Forage platform will supply you with practical skills that you can’t gain from any networking session, supporting your understanding of the practice while you are exploring your potential career paths. No more guessing what a role or company is really like – dive deep into simulated client projects, tasks, and meet our people to experience the authentic journey of a KPMG employee – all in just a couple of hours!

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What's in it for you?

Regardless of where your career path takes you, these programs will equip you with valuable skills for either the tax or audit and assurance function while navigating each task with guidance from our people.

By the end of this program, you will understand how you can make your mark at KPMG wherever you choose to start your career journey.

Additional benefits

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Discover if KPMG is the right company for you by hearing from our people and how they got to where they are now in their careers.

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Each task is completed virtually so that you can take your learning wherever you go.

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Explore and learn more about your career path in a unique way, in your own time and at your own pace.

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Obtain a sneak peak on what it is like being on an engagement team at KPMG.

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Upon completion of the program, you will be invited to exclusive events held each semester to provide you with unique opportunities to learn more about KPMG in Canada.

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Learn about the different skills required to succeed in a role within tax or audit and assurance (both technical and transferable skills). At the end of the program, we will provide each student with answers keys from each task to support their learnings even further.

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The results of the program are not evaluated nor part of the recruitment process – this is simply an opportunity to experience an authentic day in the life.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It’s really easy! Just click register to create a Forage account. We will ask you a few questions to find out more about you before you begin a KPMG in Canada virtual program.

You can take as long as you need to complete the program and it can be completed at your own pace. Each program should take approximately five hours to complete.

No! Your results are not evaluated nor part of the application process. The purpose of each task is to provide you with valuable and lifelong skills so you can gain an advantage on your professional journey.

The results of your work are not evaluated. However, with a Completion status in the program, you will be invited to an exclusive event that will occur each semester to learn more about KPMG in Canada!

When you sign up for a new virtual experience program, you will always have the option to “opt-out” of sharing any of your details (including the work that you submit).

As you complete each module in the virtual experience programs, you will unlock real work samples to demonstrate how a graduate at KPMG would have approached each task. This way you will be able to self-assess your own work and continue to build the skills and confidence to be successful in your transition from post-secondary education to the world of work.

No, you do not need to pay. Our KPMG in Canada virtual experiences are, and will always remain, completely free.

Yes! Virtual experience programs are open to everyone, including international students. You can participate in these programs regardless of your visa or work status.

Contact for technology support.

The Experience a Day Forage program with KPMG in Canada is delivered through the Forage platform. The Forage platform collects, uses and stores the personal information you input in order to manage and deliver the Experience a Day Forage program. Any personal information you input into the Forage platform will be subject to their privacy policy, a copy of which available at Forage may store your personal information outside of Canada, in which case your personal information will be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which your personal information is stored. Such laws may not provide the same level of protection as do Canadian privacy laws. All personal information collected by KPMG will be conducted in accordance with KPMG’s Privacy Policy available at Your information may be retained by KPMG for a 24-month period after your participation in the programs in order to communicate with you regarding any future positions, programs and opportunities with KPMG. By clicking on the link you consent to the foregoing. If you do not consent to the foregoing, you should not proceed.

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