Leaders 2050 is a professional network for Canada’s future leaders across sectors, who have an interest in creating a more sustainable future through net zero ambitions, clean growth strategies and inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE).

The network’s mission is to equip the next generation with the insights, skills and opportunities needed to drive a better tomorrow.

Why did we set up Leaders 2050?

  • Future leaders have a vital role to play in driving positive change
    Young professionals will be at the heart of tackling key issues facing societies over the course of their careers — from climate change to social inequality — and their voices must be heard when it comes to these critical debates.
  • Net zero is among the most pressing challenges of our time
    Achieving net zero is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Governments, businesses, investors, NGOs and consumers are increasingly recognizing the need to act to prevent further climate change impacts and limit global warming.
  • Young people are increasingly demanding action from employers
    ESG factors are influencing employments decisions with Millennials and Gen Z — placing importance on shared values between employees, potential employees and employers.
  • Industry networks are essential in making change happen
    Leaders 2050 creates an opportunity to strengthen cross-sector relationships and bring together future leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds to work towards a common goal. It enables a platform for young professionals to develop skills and create opportunity to drive positive change in their own organizations and industries.

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