Who are we?

The KPMG women* in technology community is dedicated to supporting the advancement of women in technology. Within our community, members can network with other like-minded professionals, advance their personal and professional goals and participate in unique mentorship opportunities in the technology space. The community is committed to delivering a wide array of national networking opportunities, mentorship, internal and external events and activities that support the advancement of women in technology.

*The KPMG women in technology community strives to build an inclusive space for all to continually learn and grow. We welcome those who identify as women, non-binary and gender non-conforming to join our network. We know that breaking down barriers takes all of us, so we encourage men to participate as allies and attend specified events.

Our goals

  • Develop a community of women who would like to explore technology’s role in their career, even if they are not in traditional STEAM roles.
  • Provide the personal and professional support necessary to allow community members to achieve their full potential.
  • Foster a culture of women in tech with the community via collaboration.
  • Educate on barriers and challenges that women face in, or when entering tech

Some of our initiatives

Women Talk Tech podcast

Our podcast, Women Talk Tech, spotlights different women that work in technology at KPMG who share stories about their career paths, roles, and other advice. Listen to episodes of our podcast below.

Blog series

Our external women in technology-inspired blog post series covers a variety of topics that relate to how we can support women in technology and encourage more women to enter  the industry. Read our blog posts below.

Mentorship program

Our Community hosts two types of Mentorship Programs. In our internal Mentorship Program, we match mentees and mentors at KPMG based on their interests. In our external Mentorship Program, we pair high-performing female Senior Managers / first-year Partners at KPMG with external female executives in technology.

Tech talks

Our Tech Talks are informative sessions that we host to educate our Community about various tech-related topics as well as KPMG tech-related services.


Our Community hosted a 10-week course for members, as well as other KPMG employees who were interested in learning how to code using Python. 

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