KPMG in Canada’s management consulting practice is multi-faceted − we help our clients transform their organizations for success in talent, change, strategy, information, and more. As part of the team, you’ll assist clients to thrive in a highly competitive environment by helping inform decisions, develop strategy, reduce costs, increase cash flow and build more effective organizations. ​

Our deep business experience and industry-inclusive service offerings help companies meet the challenges of risk, cost, talent, strategy, information, complexity and change in a highly competitive economy. As part of the team, you’ll assist clients to make better decisions, reduce costs, increase cash flow, build more effective organizations and develop technology strategies.

Learn about the seven practice areas where you could take your management consulting career at KPMG:

Finance transformation

As part of KPMG’s Finance Transformation Advisory Practice team, you will help organizations maximize efficiencies and drive business value across the enterprise. Our capabilities range from brief strategy assessments to E2E implementations of transformation, including Cloud based ERP technologies and Finance Operating models. You’ll be part of a team that helps our clients strengthen and transform their finance operations by improving transparency, information integrity and governance with the finance discipline needed to increase profitability and drive business insights. You will help CFOs make their function future ready.

As part of our multi-disciplinary, diverse team, you will work with leading Investment and Retail Banks to help them transform their business in context of ever-increasing requirements and opportunities. Over the last few years, we have helped clients transform their Finance function across all parts of their Operating model with Cloud based technologies, providing a key enabler for transformational change.

Supply chain solutions

KPMG’s Supply Chain Solutions Practice provides services in Procurement, Demand & Supply planning and Physical supply chain (Distribution & Logistics). Amidst ever-changing technological, economic and regulatory challenges, effective supply chain management has become a central concern for companies wanting to accelerate growth strategies, stabilize volatility, and offer new and differentiated value to customers. From assessment to execution, you’ll help clients transform their supply chain to become a strategic enabler and create a durable competitive advantage with measurable outcomes.

You’ll be part of a team that understands the complexities of designing and managing supply chains, where you’ll apply a strategic business approach to help unlock and sustain bottom-line value across the extended supply chain – from suppliers to customers.

People and change

As part of KPMG’s People Transformation Advisory Practice, you’ll be working as part of a team that transforms organizations by changing the way people lead, manage and develop. In an age of constant disruption, game-changing trends, and perpetual transformation, you will help our clients drive business value and achieve strategic goals through the optimization of their people and organizational agenda. You will help CHROs make their function future ready.

You’ll be part of a team that delivers strategic and operational consulting services related to organizational effectiveness, human resource planning and transformation. From developing talent strategies and managing behavioural change to optimizing both the workforce and HR function, you will be offering knowledgeable advice that enables improved performance from our clients’ people and their organizations.


KPMG’s Operations Advisory Practice helps organizations develop efficient and effective operations to support strategic business objectives. You’ll be working with a team that supports our clients in identifying, quantifying, prioritizing and delivering the changes required to align their operating models to their financial targets and strategic objectives. This approach helps deliver timely improvements in performance and visibility, and control for long-term operating impact.

You’ll be part of a team that starts with the big picture, before narrowing it to reflect our clients’ most pressing concerns, focusing on continuously streamlining operations to unlock value, delivering bottom-line improvements and enhancing quality and service levels.

Technology, strategy, and digital transformation

KPMG’s Technology, Strategy and Transformation practice advises clients on executive and management issues in IT to increase the value that IT delivers within their organization. As part of this team, you will be working with senior leadership to help overcome various technological and strategic challenges, identify and champion transformation opportunities, and assist with key decisions on how IT will operate. Projects that you may be involved in as part of this team include strategy development, governance review, process assessment, enterprise architecture, solution selection and design.

Enterprise solutions

KPMG’s Technology Consulting Advisory Practice strives to deliver business benefits from a broad range of technologies, helping our clients develop high-performing IT functions and leverage investments in current systems to deliver significant business value. As part of this team, you will help our clients become a digitally connected enterprise by defining their Information Management / IT / Digital strategy and assist them through the entire technology and digital transformational journey. You will help CIOs make their function future ready.

As part of a team that applies skills in IT strategy and various systems implementation such as SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, Microsoft and Workday, you will help clients execute their transformation strategies with the technology best suited to their business, data and information requirements.


KPMG’s Customer Practice works with organizations to help them understand the needs and behaviors of their customers with a goal of improving experiences through the strategic application of digital technology.

You will be part of a team that offers a suite of services that support our clients in achieving profitable, sustainable growth through customer-centric thinking. This is all about helping our clients get close to their customers to form a lasting relationship. You will support efforts that envision the future of our clients’ business in the digital world, while leveraging digital and exponential technologies to achieve the goals and objectives of an ever-changing customer landscape.

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