At KPMG, “global” is a mindset that empowers you on your career journey by providing you with the tools to embrace academic and professional exploration, international business savvy, active career development, lifelong learning and appreciation for different people, experiences, and cultures.

Global Opportunities Program

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A world of possibilities is open to you with KPMG’s Global Opportunities program. Through this program, KPMG supports our people to lead with curiosity and develop new capabilities by applying their skills in different business and cultural environments. We encourage our KPMG professionals to renew their passport, pack their bags and get ready to grow their mindset and skill set – through both short-term, long-term assignment, and permanent international relocation options.

Obtaining global experience is a dynamic way for our people to make a meaningful and positive difference, both personally and professionally. The Global Opportunities program provides employees with the life enriching opportunity to build new connections with our supportive communities in our KPMG offices around the world. By immersing ourselves in global cultural experiences and developing diverse perspectives, we can drive innovation and build a more inclusive and collaborative culture together.

With over 236,000 professionals worldwide in 145 countries, global mobility is a way for your unique talent to be recognized worldwide among our clients, colleagues, and leaders. Many KPMG member firms currently participate in the program with the most popular destinations for KPMG in Canada participants being the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, among others.

Find opportunity everywhere and make your mark on a global scale with KPMG’s Global Opportunities program.

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