KPMG’s Tax practice offers countless career opportunities for those looking to help shape political and business agendas. In this new, ever-changing world of tax, clients rely on our teams to help them achieve their business objectives.

As a professional in our Tax practice, you’ll be equipped to decisively deliver new ways of thinking, big-picture perspectives, and acute insights to help clients make informed choices. You’ll play an integral role in the business, form important relationships and advise on key decisions in boardrooms around the globe.

At KPMG, we focus your development and provide you with support at every stage. We empower you to become a better you, no matter what you do.

Our services

Tax is the home of highly talented and collaborative people. We advise on critical business decisions and provide services to many of the world’s biggest organizations. The range of projects that we take on – and the quality of our relationships across the world – offer unique opportunities. If you have the skill, determination and desire to make an impact in the boardrooms of global companies, you can achieve great things here.

We provide a culture of learning and support, where tax professionals can discover their true potential and excel. A career here is a constantly moving and exciting experience, rich with opportunities. In our practice we have people who have been recognized as tax gurus, alumni who have developed into Directors of tax and countless other opportunities. The skills you gain can help you stand out no matter what path you choose.

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The KPMG Tax practice provides the following services:

Domestic tax

Canadian companies operating in multiple jurisdictions must deal with numerous government authorities and frequent changes to tax laws and regulations. Canadian Corporate Tax professionals assist businesses in understanding how to effectively respond to these changes.

Indirect tax

Using extensive industry experience and by continuously monitoring legislative, judicial, and administrative policy changes, Indirect Tax professionals help manage indirect tax responsibilities and the associated costs to each business.

International tax

With a deep understanding of US and international tax matters, international tax professionals provide cross border tax advice and planning that is tailored to each business to help ensure they are able to adapt and respond quickly to changes, and mitigate risks.


KPMG’s affiliated law firm, KPMG Law LLP, provides a suite of wide-ranging tax and immigration law services.  They offer valuable insight into changes in immigration laws and policies, and appropriate Human Resources and Global Mobility strategies.

Tax & Legal Trek

We transport ambitious and talented tax and legal professionals to different locations around the world. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to develop the skills you need to make an impact in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace.

If you become a ‘Tax or Legal Trekker’ you’ll embark on a three-to-six-month global assignment. You’ll be immersed in a different culture, building international relationships and connections while gaining new perspectives. It will be a unique chance for you to see how tax and legal systems operate in a different part of the world, developing and cultivating your knowledge, credibility, confidence and curiosity. The outcome? You’ll be able to deliver even greater value and insights to clients.

Tax & Legal Trek is just one of the ways our tax and legal professionals receive continuous learning and development.

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