Our dedicated SME and large company teams have helped companies of varying sizes receive their entitlement of tax benefits resulting from investments in R&D. The following are examples of claims we've prepared in each of the primary R&D sectors.

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Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals & medical devices

  • Company: An Irish subsidiary of a US multinational in the pharma sector.
  • History: A tax client of another Big Four adviser. After engaging with the client, we assisted them in filing a compliant R&D tax credit claim.
  • Benefit: After supporting the client through a rigorous Revenue audit, they received a benefit of circa €52m.


  • Company: An Irish subsidiary of a US multinational in the medical devices sector.
  • History: An existing tax client of KPMG, we began working with the company when it commenced a product development project.
  • Benefit: The client received a refund of circa €11m after a full tax technical and scientific audit, with no adjustment to the claim.


  • Company: An Irish subsidiary of a US multinational in the pharma sector.
  • History: A tax client of a Big Four firm that had not identified the potential to claim.. We reviewed the client’s eligibility and assisted them in filing a fair and audit-ready claim.
  • Benefit: Following a full scientific technical, tax and finance technical Revenue audit, the client received a benefit of over €8m.

Our services

R&D Tax Credit claim service

A claim for an R&D tax credit involves identifying and documenting qualifying R&D activities and associated qualifying expenditure in a manner that meets the strict requirements of the legislation and Revenue Guidance.

Our market leading R&D Tax Credit practice has been at the forefront of this area since the inception of the R&D tax credit in 2004. Our team has the tax, financial, and scientific technical skills to assist companies—regardless of size or sector—in preparing their claims through tried and tested methodologies and processes. We aim to ensure that your claim is complete, correct and will withstand a Revenue audit.

Stages involved in preparing an R&D tax credit claim

  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed preparation of claim
  • Submit R&D tax credit claim to Revenue
  • Audit preparation/support

Revenue audit support

In our experience, Revenue is auditing a high percentage of R&D tax credit claims and is taking an increasingly hard line with respect to issues arising from audits of claims. As a result, we prepare all claims on the premise that they should be expected to withstand a rigorous Revenue audit.

KPMG provides wide-ranging audit support for clients whose claims we have prepared and for companies who have claimed the R&D tax credit without our initial assistance. We have successfully managed a very large number of Revenue audits (with respect to all aspects of the audit: scientific technical, financial and tax technical) and have an excellent understanding of Revenue's processes in this area.

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