The amount of electronic data that corporations produce today can be overwhelming. As a result, organisations face a variety of complex issues, as well as substantial costs, when dealing with electronically stored information (ESI) in responding to digital investigations, eDiscovery requests and cybersecurity breaches. Effectively managing ESI is getting harder and the stakes are getting higher.

How we can help

Using a wide range of sophisticated technology tools, KPMG Forensic Technology professionals help organisations address the risks and costs involved with digital evidence as well as the acquisition, management, and analysis of large data sets.

KPMG’s Forensic Technology team works alongside clients to handle information from its creation to its preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation in digital investigations, eDiscovery requests and cybersecurity breaches.

KPMG’s Forensic Technology services make the digital investigation process more efficient and cost effective, while maintaining defensibility and managing current and future risks. These services integrate with our other forensic offerings, including fraud detection and anti-money laundering investigations.

KPMG Forensic Technology Services is your reliable and experienced choice in navigating your complex unstructured data challenges.

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